Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 05-02

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The runaway incident with Layla’s machine, eventually it had to be treated as having been caused damaged by parts.
We obviously I know who the criminal is, but we have nothing to prove it. Even the Professor riding
with him did not see him destroy the parts, so we couldn’t attack any more strongly.
Well, if it’s at the level of scratching some parts, it’s possible to do it the moment the

Professor takes his eyes off of him, the Professor can not be blamed.
When the professor Gasoul announced his conclusion, just remembering Phallas ‘s smilling appearance upsets
my stomach.
Then, after two weeks since the accident, came again the day for the exercises with real machines…

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Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 05-01

Since the enrollment 1 year quickly passed by.
As I’m steadily studying history, Steadily polishing up my sword skills everyday with Lune-san.
Thanks to that, I finally have succeeded in obtaining the second place in the year-end test!
Today start the first lesson from this second year. Its name is Practicing with real machines!
Indeed, exercices with actual machines! Exercises in real machines! It actually means that I can

get to ride an aluminare!

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Magic Robot Aluminare Ch04-04

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Since I’ve talked with her, I got contacted by the dormitory leader after one week.
I got called by someone as I was about to get out of the dormitory in order to head to the morning class.

“Good morning Eldo-kun, do you have some time?”
“Good morning. Why?”
“it’s about the matter of the sword practice from before. he has accepted”

I tentatively tried to advance my training by reading books related to swords and follow class, but as expected as long as I don’t have a professional person in order to watch every detail, it appeared to me that I will not become better.
Well, if everyone could become better by swinging his sword for one week, no one would have any hardships buut…

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Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 04-03

The Academy’s cafeteria is on the first floor’s corner. Its size is about the same as the size of the place of assembly where the school entrance ceremony was conducted, in other words, even if all the first year student came in, there would still be enough space left.
Well, actually nearly 70 percent of students in the whole school use the school cafeteria, but still, there is not enough seats.
Despite being just before noon, nearly half of the seats are already occupied.

“Now, what am I going to do?”
“There are many kinds so I’m troubled”
“Since I live in the dormitory, I’m supposed to come here almost everyday but…”

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Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 04-02

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“Well then, we’re starting the magic practical skill test! What you have to do is simple, turn toward the prairie and fire your magic at full power. As we look at it we’ll determine your score.”
“Any question?”

One of the student that surrounded the professor raised his hand.

“Isn’t there a method by which you’ll determine our score? For example, basing on it’s flashiness or on it’s activation time”
“I can’t tell you the scoring criteria. The kind of magic you’re going to choose is also part of the test.”
“I got it”

Hmm, it’s going to be hard to chose.

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Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 03 part 04

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While heading toward the headquarters, Benoit-san explained to me about the magical car.

If I simplify it, it’s a spec down version of an aluminare.

To begin with, the aluminae uses a specially concentrated Magia Liquid and operates with a special generator, in order to operate such a huge machine a vast amount of energy is supplied. Hence, if it was the size of a magical car, it can even be operated  with an ordinary Magia Liquid before it get concentrated.

Because there is no need to use the concentration process, compared to an aluminare it’s by far the cheapest to operate.


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Magic Robot Aluminare Ch04 part 1

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“Today, to those who can come to this place,first of all congratulations. But do not be merry. Those that are sitting next to you are rivals with whom you’ll compete for the few seats”

Academy’s pilot training department. Sitting in that row, While listening to the grateful words of the school president, I was stiffling a yawn.Dressed in the Academy ‘s uniform. Regarding the aluminare’s squad pure white uniform.The Academy’s clothes are different in color. It is a gray school uniform.
Although I heard …

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