Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 07-02

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“I’ll turn left on the next crossroad”

As the summer sky gets higher, the temperature is going over 30 degrees.
However, the comfortable wind of the forest hits my cheeks as I’m riding on my horse so I do not feel the heat.
It’s already four months since my enlistment. The 31st Aluminare Squad was in the buffer zone with the mission of patrolling.

“This area is the place where enemy Aluminares  are occasionally confirmed.  Be careful.”

The co-pilot who will be assigned to an Aluminare squad. Their first job is to know the various information around the battlefield from the scouts.
Although the basics are taught in the Academy, after all, the information actually seen on  the battlefield is accompanied by a feeling that is can’t be transmitted by just listening to the story. Teaching me that this is a battlefield.

“Eldo-kun, please stop by the edge, it’s easier to be found out there”
“Excuse me”

It is Benoit-san, the one who always has an atmosphere of someone that’s hesitantly doing nothing but chores, but when it comes to a short-term charge as a scout, he changes completely.
A sharp insight in order to feel the battlefield. Spy skills to survive. Intuition of a warrior. Every one those are first-class .
While desperately driving  the horse along the road, I follow the directions of Benoit-san.
The shoulder of the road which becomes the shadow of the forest occasionally branches and leaves fly out of the forest, and if I’m a bit unfocused, I can hit those and I might end up falling from the horse.
I wonder how many times I changed my evaluation of Benoit-san in the last four months  as he advances with such great speed as if it was natural.

“We’re about to reach our scheduled point, since we’ll come out of the forest let’s rest before that.”

While gradually slowing down, we approach the end of the forest. Ahead of us is the grassland, and the purpose of this scouting is to grasp the situation there.

“Eldo-kun,hasn’t your horse handling greatly improved?”
“Is it so? although I don’t quite get it myself”
“If you look at the state of Pol, you’ll understand immediately, he’s rarely been tired until now, it is evidence that he’s done isn’t unreasonable.”

The horse that I am riding now(Pol) and the horse Benoit-san is riding(Phil) are the two horses he’s looking after. Because they are well trained, he still obeys instructions of someone who hasn’t left the amateur level yet as much as possible.
Although I was a bit scared when I got on a horse for the first time at the Academy, now I can understand it cuteness somehow, and I feel that I understand a little of the fun of riding something  that is not a machine. But the manipulation of an aluminare is exceptional though.
In the place where the break of the forest was visible, let the horse stop and walk down and guide it into the forest.

“Well, from here on we’ll walk, you know what to look for, rigth?”
“It is grasping the presence or absence of enemy aluminare and surrounding circumstances, mainly examining the footprints of aircraft and horses, and examining how long ago they passed here”
“Yes,  shall we go?”

While satisfiedly nodding to my answer, Benoit-san leaves the horse and heads for the of the forest.
These two horses are very smart, they are attached to Benoit-san, they will not escape so we don’t have to attach them somewhere, and they can rush back to you if you call. They are loving animals.
Hiding in the shadow of the bush and looking at the state of the grassland with them.
As it’s quiet there, I can not confirm enemy aluminare. You can hear the chirping of birds from a distance, but there is no such thing as the driving sound of the machine.
In the case of aluminare, there will be a lot of sound, and the ground will shake if it walks. Depending on that, we explore the surroundings.

“I can not find any sign of aircraft”
“There is no sound, it’s quiet.”
“Then let’s go out a little onto the prairie and investigate”

Getting out of the bush and on the grasslands. A grassland with little undulation we’re less likely to be ambushed because it is easy to see very far.
There were places where the soil was exposed on the grasslands from time to time when looking downward.

“This is the footprint of an  aluminare, right?”
“Yeah, the tracks are relatively fresh, and the direction is to the north … maybe this time it might be it.”

I discovered fresh aluminare’s footprints. The destination is North. Since our patrols are heading north as it is, According to the situation, it might turn into a battle.
In the last four months, the 31st Aluminare Squand never fought. If we ever encounter it, that may be my first war.

“It’s alright the captain hasn’t piloted for more than 10 years, although we can’t be careless. If we properly do our job, the captain will never lose.”

Benoit-san consoled me and said so when he noticed that I was nervous.
That’s right, I’ll concentrate on doing the job I’ve been assigned to do  properly. That is the most important thing right now, the only way to raise the safety of the unit even by a little.

“Well then, should we return after investigating some more? The fact that it’s going through back and forth, there should be tracks of infantry”
“I understand”

We continued exploring the grasslands for about ten minutes, confirmed the rough size of enemy troops and joined the captain and company ‘s side.

Captain and co were already waiting at the confluence point and waiting for our arrival.
However, there was no Support Maid group of Anjou and Mirage-san here. They were waiting at the fort before rushing into the buffer zone.

“Captain, I will report it”
“I found a footprint that seems to be the enemy Aluminare at the point of 15-G and traces of movement of the accompanying troop.The course is turning north slowly from the southeast. The route i s to the point 15-B, it was probably a reconnaissance? ”
“Well, it’s on the patrol route”

While looking at the map the captain revealed.
In the Kingdom of Faitale, in order to make it easier to carry out operations in the buffer zone, we divide the map into five blocks from Alpha to Epsilon in the vast buffer zone, and the top of the map A to J and numbers going from 1 to 20 across the map.
We’re currently patrolling through the buffer zone’s Beta block divided into three.
There’s the forest division between the buffer zone and the territory. By limiting the way, it prevents large-scale invasions. Naturally a fort is built ahead of the road.
And the grassland section which is a major part of the buffer zone. Battle between the Aluminares are mainly done here.
Finally, there is a river as border with Obardo.
However, even if it is called a river, it is not such a big thing. Depending on the place, it is shallow and gentle enough to pass by horse as it is.
The enemy this time also invaded from its shallow part and probably is going north from the forest. The purpose is not clear yet, but the size of the unit is not so big, Benoit-san is guessing whether the enemy is also a reconnaissance unit the same as us or not?
Even if it’s said that the opponent is on the offensive side, our side is the defense side, the positions are quite different.

“There is almost no doubt that an enemy aircraft is ahead of us, if so there is only one thing to do”

In the words of the captain, the expression of everyone further tightened. The tense air before the battle dominated the battlefield.

“Aurel, Ritz and Carine standby at 16 – E. After six hours, if no one comes back, assume that  we’ve been destroyed and repatriate to the fort via the 15 – G route. Report that there’s a possible invasion by enemy aluminares. Benoit and Eldo are my assistants as scouts. It is fortunate that this side found it first. The first blow will strike the infantry units and then we’ll enter battle with the aluminare. ”
“”Roger that!” ”
“And Erdo”
“You will be battling for the first time, you can not bear in mind the death of a man or you will die if swallowed by it”
“I will keep it in mind!”
“Start moving in five minutes and every member start preparation”

The signs of war were close to the eyes and the nose.


Together with the rear standby group, as we advanced till the midway point,  we divided ourselves on the midway point.
Right now, Me and Benoit-san went a little bit ahead surveying our surrrounding.

“We may encounter the rear guard team of the enemy soon.”
“what should we do?”
“Please kill them . Before they can raise their voice”
“I understand”

If they can raise their voice our presence will be noticed by the main troops. In order to prevent it, I must kill with whatever it takes.
As I went through the road thinking of which magic to use, I found a horse running toward me. The figure of a riding soldier wearing an armor of the empire.
At that moment, both me and Benoit-san invoked magic at the same time.

“Wind cutter”
“Ice Lance”

I select a wind cutter as that is not a time consuming and doesn’t take a long time to activate and has a high killing ability and is difficult to deal with.
Benoit-san fire an Ice Lance, I wonder whether he’s good at water system magic.
The other party tried to release the magic in the same way, but the wind cutter I fired cut the neck of the approaching horse, and ripped off the soldier’s belly and stopped the magical casting.
Then the Ice Lance flew immediately toward the soldiers’ head.

“It’s good, keep up the  pace, let’s go.”

The first murder ended quickly.
On the verge of running across the corpse, I gaze down at the dead body.
The belly that was torn by my magic breaking through the armor and overflowing with the internal organs.
The head blown away by Mr. Benoit’s magic was crushed without remnant, and the brain matter was blown out.
The stomach twists suddenly, and nausea rises.

“Eldo-kun thinking is for later, now concentrate on what’s in front of us.”
“Y- Yes,”

I was pulled back by Benoit-san voice. On top of the horse,  I suppress my nausea and look forward.
The rear guard was not limited to one person. Besides, if a soldier does not come back after a while, there’s also the possibility that suspicion may rise.
It is now necessary to find the main force early and prepare for the surprise attack.
Do not lose sight of your purpose. It is already a battle.
I shook my will into my mind and stopped my mind from wandering about.

“The vibration is getting stronger, it seems that the aluminare is nearing, we will slow down our speed”

Benoit-san slows down the horse. I dropped my speed accordingly, that’s where I noticed the vibrations pointed out by Benoit-san. However, there are still quite some distance as the vibration is insignificant.

“You’ve done well noticing such small vibration”

Being able to sense the vibrations while the horse is running, as expected, Benoit-san is quite skilled as a scout.
After I got into the security mission in the buffer zone, my rating for Benoit-san  has been going through the roof.

“Well, that’s experience, I guess it’s like experiencing the same thing as when I’m driving a vehicle, so I felt a bit of vibration coming from this child’s foot ”
“Isn’t that not an amazing ability?”
“Although it’s useless against aluminares, let’s cut the chatter here”

When the vibrations approaches we get off the horse and move through the forest.
After a while, I saw a group of infantry who brought along a carriage. And in the lead, the aluminare is going forward.
Its whole body is painted in dark green, and there is a red line like a black ink.
There are only two swords on its waist. Unlike us, live bullet weapons have not been put into practical use yet.

“That is an empire’s aircraft”
“There are two carriages, the number of infantry can only be seen is 30, there will be scouts ahead of the aircraft. With forty we’ll be better prepared.”
“Do we inform the captain?”
“Well, please deliver this information to the captain, Eldo-kun. If the surprise attack is within ten minutes, the surprise attack will succeed.”
“Okay. Please be careful.”

Benoit-san leaves the location of the troops as it is, I return to the captain in order to inform him of the enemy’s discovery.
After running for about five minutes I was able to join the captain’s aircraft in the rear.

“Reporting, confirmed that the enemy aluminare’s troop is at 14-C, the number of infantry is about 40. There are two carriages, Benoit-san says that the surprise attack will be successful within five minutes”
“Well done, evacuate to the  back as it now, and join with the standby force”
“No, please let me go”

I rejected the order of the captain.

“Please let me see the captain’s battle”
“…. I understand, but I will not let you participate in battle”
“Thank you. I will wait in the forest.”

With granted permission and pursuing behind the captain who raised his speed.
If the aircraft is at full power, you can run much faster than a horse. The captain ‘s aircraft quickly shook me off and went on.
And if you think that a fireball has emerged around the captain’s aircraft, they are aimed at the ground.
From afar, a large fire pillar rose as far as I could see it, and a black dot flew above the sky.
I noticed that it was a person when one of the black spots flew towards me.
It dropped on the nearby ground, it was a black-colored humanoid model. It is one of the infantry that was walking ahead of the road from the previous time.

“This is war….”

As it approaches, the result of the trampling carried out by the captain becomes clearly visible.
Smashing and burning horse carriage. Soldiers on fire and rolling on the ground.
If you are entangled with an aluminare, the infantry is no different from dust and garbage. It will not be a fight either. Like a vivid scene of real experience spreading out from the spot.
Even further, the two aluminares had already started to battle.
While exchanging magic with each other, they were looking at an opportunity to approach.
Due to the Magic shield, ultimate attack magic can only serve at best as a mean of diversion to obtain an opportunity.
The game is always decided when the sword is thrusted into the opponent’s cockpit.
I went to the forest while watching the fallen soldiers around me, so that I do not take the aftermath of the magic, I looked at the two Aluminares facing each other from the gaps of the branches.

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