Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 07-01

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“Assigned to the 31st Aluminare Squad on this day, pilot Eldo. I’m looking forward to work with you.”
“Likewise, Support Maid Anjou, I’m looking forward to work with you.”


In a room at the headquarters, we salute the six people lined up in front of us.

“You’ve done well getting here, I’m the captain of the 31st Aluminare Squad Logvell Baudouin”
“Similarly, I’m the vice-captain and maintenance chief Aurel”
“I’m in charge of maintenance, Ritz”
“I’m the Sense Board writer, Karine!”
“I’m Benoit in charge of scouting”
“I’m the Support Maid Mirage, nice to meet you.”

Amongst the nostalgic members of the 31st Aluminare Squad in front of us there was the Support Maid that I’m meeting for the first time.
Today is the new entry group’s enlistment ceremony, I guess even Baptiste and Leon are being introduced in a different room.

“Now, enough of the superficial greetings, You went through a lot, both of you”
“I thought that you had sufficient talent to become a knight but for the two of you to graduate at the top, I s’ppose I picked up s’mething good.”

“O- old man, didn’t I told you that my sixth sense was right on the money?”
Swiftly getting over the ceremonious greetings, the captain’s group easily turned informal in tone. Thus signalling the beginning of a welcoming party.
Thereupon, we quickly got to know the Support Maid Mirage-san.
The first time I saw Mirage-san face to face, If captain Baudouin declared that she is a beatiful woman, I can agree that indeed she is a beautiful woman.
With her short fluffily wavy chestnut-colored hair and her big round eyes. Unlike Lune-san, she is the cheerful type of beautiful woman.

“I’m really pleased to meet you, I’ve heard stories from everyone in the squad, please treat me well, and Anjou-chan too, you can steadily depend on me as your senpai.”
“I wonder what kind of stories those are, but still nice to meet you.”
“Yes, nice to meet you too”
“Wait a minute!, is it okay to act like senpais? You know the other party has graduated at the top right?”

While lightly shaking hands with Mirage-san, Ritz-san extended his arm to the waist of Mirage-san from behind.
Then Mirage-san caught his arm as if she had eyes on her back and easily twisted his arm.

“Aah ya ya yaya”
“Any touching is prohibited. Beside I also graduated at the top, did I not?”
“Oh, is that right? Ah Stop! It can’t bend any more!”

Receiving Ritz’s tap, Mirage-san lightly thrusted away. Then Ritz-san struck against the wall of the room with amazing momentum.
She’s certainly strong, The Support Maid. No matter what even as a joke he’s Ritz-san, a mechanic who officially graduated from the Academy. Like that, I could easily be fooled by that.

“And Anjou-chan too, if Ritz ever come to make move on you, you can mercilessly beat him up, alright?”
“I’m not that thirsty to make a move on someone else’s woman.”
“Oh, you already have a sweetheart?”
“Well, I’m not in a relationship yet, but if it’s someone I like…”

To Mirage-san’s question, Anjou threw a few glances down while looking at me.
Mirage-san noticed it and closed her eyes while smiling in disappointment. I’m having a bad feeling.

“Ho ho, then this big sister will also help you in that area”
“What can you teach her without any experience. Ah! I-it’s nothing”

With a glance, Mirage-san shut up Ritz-san. Guess the pecking order is established. Still, Ritz-san is desperately picking a quarrel. Maybe…?
I wonder if she noticed my suspicion filled eyes, Karine-san came closer and whispered in my ear.

“You seem to have noticed”
“Ritz-san and Mirage-san?”
“Correct… Well, Mirage doesn’t seem to notice it”
“It looks like Ritz-san is the cause”

Ritz-san talking frivolously and poking fun like anyone, It wouldn’t cross our mind that that’s the girl he love. My feeling after talking with her, Mirage-san is the type of woman who can be friends with men.
Well, The fact that Karine-san noticed it means that looking at everyone around us, they found out. Only the concerned party hasn’t noticed it.

“How long will we keep standing around talking, aren’t we going to move soon?”
“Yeah, Benoit, is the reservation for the restaurant okay?”
“Yes, it’s perfect.”

Hmm? restaurant reservation? Benoit-san, doing the reservation of the restaurant, it’s not really a chore although…

Everyone in the squad arrived at the restaurant that was just one house away from the general headquarters.
From the restaurant’s door where an open notice board hung, I could hear the lively boisterous noises. In other words, it’s a pub.
Well, Since it’s a rookie’s welcoming party, I guess alcohol is involved even in a different world.
A soldier on the front line would not have been able to go on without having to drink alcohol.
When we entered with Benoit-san ahead, we immediately went inside a private room.
By the time we get to the table, the appetizers and beer were lined up as if it was natural.

“Once you’ve decided on the menu, please call me with that voice tube.

The server bows and leaves the private room.

“Well, let’s postpone the menu for now. First, let’s lead with a toast”
“I’ll take the lead”
“Then, let’s leave it to Ritz”

I guess Ritz-san is suited for things like that.

“Ahum, to our newly enrolled squad members!”
“Toast! ”
“Toast” “Toast”

Ringing our glasses with everyone, we gulped down the alcohol at once. It’s been a long time since my previous life I’ve had alcohol such a nostalgic taste. The feeling of the drink going down my throat is also quite nice. It looks like this body is compatible with alcohol.

“Oh, you’ve got good drinking manner”

Ritz-san immediately pours me a refill, I also pour beer into everyone’s cups in return.
At first Anjou was drinking as if she was timidly tasting it, but as soon as she got used to it her pace improved. I guess she became tipsy as her cheeks and ears became red. She’s unexpectedly look weak to alcohol.
It looks like my current world’s body can take some more.


As several hours passed, all members got moderately drunk.
Some time ago, Anjou and Mirage-san were having some kind of discussion and form time to time Ritz-san was blown off trying meddle.
Karine-san, just like I pictured it, quietly drinks alcohol picking her snack. Benoit-san was ordering for the refill of missing foods and alcohol. If that’s true that it’s supposed to be our job to do that then I’m sorry. I will definitely help you this time.
And I’m talking with captain Baudoin and Vice-captain Aurel about new equipments and piloting methods of the aircraft.

“I’ve heard rumors but is it that different?”
“I heard that there’s a wide difference in power, nonetheless the wouldn’t changed to that degree”
“the time has been updated, as it is at the student level, so if captain and the rest were to do the same thing now, I think you’ll set a faster time?”

The real machine practice’s time attack has been updated by our generations, but in the end it’s at the student level. I feel that with the captain and the rest who are experienced in actual warfare and are able to make more skilled movements, will be able to give the same time as us without manual control.

“It maybe so, if I’m presented with a way to become stronger, I would like to try it. I think that our squad will have a sortie order by the beginning of May, but until then, would you mind to show me this Manual Control once? ”
“Yes, of course.”

Even if the captain and the rest became stronger, it’s something to be happy about. Perhaps I may also board the captain’s machine and in preparation for that case, Aurel-san and Karine-san have to prepare the setting for me.

“Okay then, let me explain a bit about the current aircraft because there are many differences between the academy’s aircraft and the specialized aircraft.”
“Indeed, I realized that the movement changes considerably with just the Senseboard, I am curious about the weapons and magic that the captain uses”
“The live bullet weapon called Harmonica Pistol recently deployed is quite interesting bit it’s maintenance is so troublesome.”

Hoo, is it harmonica pistol? I guess that the live bullets weapon is a gun.

“The live-bullet weapon has finally been put to practical use. I heard that when I visited Jacata, I heard that there are still many problems”
“Although not all issues have been solved, there are still problems with ammo supply and range, but it will be useful as an emergency weapon”
“I’ll be looking forward to see it from now on”
“Hey! Eldo-kun! Could you come over here?”

Then, a call from Mirage-san sounded.
Looking at the captain, he is nodding with a smile. Originally, ignoring the captain and going over to talk to another person wouldn’t be allowed, but it could be said that in a drinking place rank is put aside.

“Well, I’m leaving for a moment.”
“Go and have fun”

Leaving captain and the rest’s side, I approach Mirage-san and company.  Then, Anjou suddenly grabbed neck and I was caught.

“W- What !?”
“Eldo-fun! Tell me about that person called Lune-chan!”
“Lune-san? She’s my master of swordsmanship but how do you know about Lune-san? Or rather… Anjou, you smell of alcohol”

Anj0u, after drinking too much, she’s drunk. Her face is bright red and her eyes are fixed(without emotion) or perhaps teary eyed?

“You know, I was classmate with Lune-chan and we occasionnally do meet each other. When we talked about Eldo-kun, Lune-chan seemed to have a lot of fun. Until then she mostly didn’t laugh, she didn’t talk and she was anxious. However, just like when she was with the previous captain, she’s carefree. ”

I see, Anjou heard it from Mirage-san. Huh… Lune-san seemed to have fun? Calm all the time, extremely severe like a demon during practice, since she mostly doesn’t even show a smile, I can’t remember her smiling appearance.

“Oh, Lune-san said that I resembled the former captain.”
“Eeeh! You’re not similar! Captain, he was more ugly”

No, Not like that. Hey, don’t lump together an over 50 year-old old-man with young man is his late teens!

“She meant that our dreams were similar or that our goals were similar”
“Heee… Maybe, Lune-chan, has fallen in love?”
“Eldo-fun! Cheating is wlong!”

Aah, that’s it! I’m trying to remove myself from Anjou’s hold from a little while ago, I can’t free myself at all! It’s too tight! Even so, it is not painful at all,her chest was in contact…

“cheating, we are not dating in the first place,”
“Then, we’re dating! It is my one and only Eldo-kun!”
“Oh, Aren’t you popular Eldo-kun”
“Please don’t laugh, please help me undo Anjou’s lock. I can’t solve it at all”
“It’s because its a restraining technique directly transmitted from the maid department, I guess she will not let loose until Anjou-chan agrees to do so?”
“Isn’t That why I’m asking for help, Here?!”
“Hmm, A kid that talk to his senpai like that is treated like this…!”

When Mirage-an suddenly stood up, she puts her arms around my neck from Anjou’s opposite side and locks my neck in the same way.

“Mirage-shan, snatching is wrong, I will not even forgive Mirage-shan”
“Uh fufu, I wonder if you can win against me?”

Somehow, a battle on top of my neck has started between Anjou and Mirage-san. This is bad, Anjou no longer seem to know what she is doing.
Someone help me, looking at other members, Ritz who was repelled by the wall was watching me with eyes filled with envy, I guess that’s bad…
The other people that could help me are… Now that I think about it, I turn my eyes to Karine-san. Karine-san is eating something that looks like a pizza while nursing alcohol. When did she order it?!

“Karine-san, please help me”
“Isn’t it fine? Those are side benefits, right?”
“What are the side benefits of being entangled with drunkards!”
“Look, things like breasts, stomach, etc. Even if you touch it now you can settle it as an accident.”
“I’m not that thirsty!”
“Are you gay?”
“Wait! Hey! Why does it come to that!”

It’s true that’s soft to the touch, but I’m not in a state where I can enjoy it. By the way, the captain and co are looking this way while laughing! There’s no way I can enjoy!
Karine-san stood up while sighing Hah and sending off a reproachful gaze.
“Look Mirage, Give in in such matter. Bullying a rookie too much will cause you to be hated”
“It sure can’t be helped huh, if Karine-chan says so I’ll do it”

After Kaarine-san’s persuasion, Mirage-san easily released her binding. Don’t unduly obediently listen to Karine-san words. when Anjou seemed like she was about complain, she easily released her binding.

“Huuu… Huuu…”

Looking at Anjou, she was nodding off.

“Looks like Anjou’s already asleep. So shall we dissolve it sooner? ”

Karine-san alone had only eaten cooked food.

“Oh yeah, let’s go with a earlier closure, Benoit, pay the receipt on my address.”

With the captain in front, outside was already dark when we left the restaurant. Well, it’s natural since it’s past 9 o’clock.
But since I came here shortly after greeting, I’ve been drinking for more than four hours? No wonder Anjou collapsed.
For now, I have to ask Anjou to remember her alcohol limit.
Watching Anjou sleeping on my back, I breathe out a sigh.

“Which reminds me, where do you two live? Is it dormitory after all?”
“Yes, it’s the third dormitory, because there was an opening”

The student dormitory could be used until the end of February, As me and Anjou have become regular soldiers , we’ve moved from the dormitory we lived in so far into a state-owned dormitory used by soldiers. This place is wider than the student dormitory and the dining room is also fully equipped. Although We have time to cook, but from now on, with our salaries from the country we’ll have more opportunities to eat out.

“What? are you living together?”
“Of course not. Well, We applied together and we respectively got a room right next to each other.”
“Well, properly send Anjou-kun off, Eldo-kun… She looks really sleepy, is she OK?”
“These eyes will stay on her, I’ll properly send her off”

The captain nods his head after telling me. In any case, That’s what I intended to do.

“I will go to a different restaurant to drink, what’s everyone going to do?”
“I’m also coming, I still haven’t got enough drinks”

Benoit-san, you’ve been taking care of everyone the whole time… No wonder you didn’t have enough drinks.

“I’m going home.” “Well, this it for me.”

It seems that the women’s group will return.

“We have a few documents to put in order”

Captains seem to still have some remaining documents to arrange. Does the position of captain have to mean such a thing? Either way, in the future I’ll become a captain, maybe I better be helping little by little from now on.
although it’s impossible because I have to send off Anjou today, but I’ll ask if I can help him next time.

“Well,Benoit let’s go!”
“Let us also return home”
“See you tomorrow”
“Good bye.”
“Hmm, Good night”
“Don’t turn into a wolf”
“Anjou may want it”

While getting boilerplate sentences that turned into complaints, we went back to the dormitory. Of course, I did not turn into a wolf!?
I just had to properly think about the situation with Anjou.
I refused it before because once I became a soldier we’ll be separated. But Anjou also became a soldier and got assigned to the same unit.
The original reason has been terminated.
Anjou still tells me that she likes me. So what is my feeling?
Now I wonder where my feelings are…”

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