Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 06-05

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“From this, we start the Academy graduation ceremony as well as the Knights investiture ceremony.Everyone standing up”

According to the voice echoing in the auditorium, we get up
Now you are in this auditorium, are only the strong people who have survived the rigorous training and testing.Those are not only the students of ours pilot Department.
The mechanics department’s students that desperately learned machine repair while oil is smeared on the body.Remembering the special language from scratch, memorizing up to more than thousands of arrays and patterns, understanding all the movements of the aluminare using only their intellect, the group of geniuses that will go farther up than us , the students of the sense board department.Of course, we will give them our support along with those who graduated from their support maid Department.
And everyone in this place, rather than the gray of the Academy’s uniform, wore a pure white uniform supplied to aluminares squads.
However, in he——-re, Layla’s figure is nonexistent.

“Display the national flag”

From the end of the stage, a student appeared slowly hoisting the national flag’s double-headed lion, leaning it against a tripod in a conscientious manner.
When he bowed to get off the stage, instruction to seat had been sent out.
In the slowly progressing ceremony, I recall the final test that was conducted last month.

Writing, magic, swordplay, practical skill.On any subject, Us four acquired an almost equal performance.
Writing and swordplay Layla is first place.For magic and practical skill I am in the first place.There were nearly no point difference between us and Baptiste and Leon.
So, we surely thought that the four of us would become top pilots.Although that was it was supposed to be…

“This year’s top pilots replacement quota is three pilots”

After the announcement of the test results, when we heard those words from Professor Gasoul, tension ran between us.
It’s to say that someone from among us will fall off.
Three years, because as colleagues that has studied and learned together, how cruel to be told that someone will be kicked down.The Professor probably also understands that.
The Professor’s face, for the first time, looked unpleasant.

“From now on, the names that I’ll call are this year’s top pilots successful applicants.First of all, Eldo ”

When my name was called out first, I was frankly happy. But, the atmosphere in this place didn’t allow to be straight up glad.
In the cold atmosphere, only my reply resounds.

“Next, Leon”

Just based on the results which equaled mine, everyone was a little surprised that Layla wasn’t called.

“And finally, Baptiste”
“Y… yes!”

The moment the name of the third person came out, the expressions of those two became exactly opposite.
Overflowing with fighting spirit, Baptiste had sparkling eyes.And, Layla was standing still just stunned on the spot.
Baptiste also, when he noticed Layla’s situation it’s as if he wondered if it was a mistake for him to be rejoicing, he becomes quiet.
A heavy atmosphere was reigning in that place.

“No more than 3 people will be promoted to top pilots this year. Because I have various things to explain to you guys later on, make sure to remain in this classroom. As for the others, you are dismissed”

When he coldly announced the word dismissed, Layla’s shoulders were trembling.

“Layla ……”
“H… hey.”

The three of us raised our voice at Layla we didn’t get it well.
In such way, Layla told us our congratulations with a small voice while hiding her face, she ended up getting out of the classroom.Nobody was able to chase her back.
At the same time, it was the last day we caught sight of Layla’s figure at the Academy.
The next day, the dorm leader was worried about Layla not showing up at the usual time, when the dorm leader went to check Layla’s room, it looks like her room became vacant.
I wonder about where and what she’s doing right now….
While I am thinking of such a thing, the ceremony is proceeding smoothly.Receiving a congratulatory message from the representative professors of each department, from Commander Maurice LeBoeuf the Chief-Commander at the General Headquarters, we’ve been reminded by him that the goal isn’t here and that from now on starts the real battle.

“Well then, let’s move on to the investiture . Pilot department chief graduate, Eldo to the podium ”

When my name was called, I rose from my seat, going up to the stage with a practiced brisk movement.
While the Chief-Commander Maurice is standing by over there, In here, the units we three will be assigned to will be announced .
However, it’s more than just that. As long you’re the top graduating student, you can choose your own assignment.
Well, as you would expect, it doesn’t mean that suddenly revealing your wish, it would be realized. Because I has been decided that I will pass a month ago, I’ve been asked where would I want to go to, my assigned destination has been carried out accordingly.
I wished is naturally —-

“Well then Eldo-kun, as for the reward, as the top graduating student you have the right to decide which unit you want to join. Are you going to exercise it? ”
“Yes! I wish to be assigned to the 31st Aluminare Unit! ”

31st Aluminare Unit.An Aluminare Unit led by Captain Baudouin, hearing my wish, it is the unit of the one who recommended me to the Academy.
If I’m going to move, I guess I should go there.

“All right.As a Chief-Commander, I consent that top pilot Eldo is to be assigned to the 31st Aluminare Unit”

A stamp is pressed on my assignment mandate on the spot, my assignment has been determined.
And, receiving Baptiste and Leon’s assignment mandate written on a document as the representative of the Pilots Department, I get off the stage.
When I got off the stage, Leon and Baptiste peeked at the mandates I have in my hands also enduring while fidgeting.
Both haven’t been informed of where they are going to be assigned to yet.Only I can decide so it is possible for me to know my assigned destination in advance.
So, I can understand their fidgeting but let’s wait a little bit more. Because after this, there is also other departments.
The ceremony is progressing well, the Mechanics Department, the students of the Sense board Department respectively revealed their wish and their assigned unit was determined as desired. Receiving the documents as representatives, they go back to their respective line.
And finally, the top student of the Support Maid Department is called.
As the support maids are all beauties, it’s a little fun to find out what kind of girl will become the top student.

“The Support Maid Department’s top graduating student.Anjou to the stage ”

My voice involuntarily leaks , closing my mouth in a hurry.
Secretly checking around, it doesn’t seem like anyone noticed that my voice spilled.
Putting effort into the meaning of the confirmation, I confirmed the figure of the girl going up on the stage.
Under the loose wavy sparkling golden hair. The blue eyes that could suck you in forever.
Even though we haven’t met for three years, I can tell at a glance.It definitely is Anjou.
Born in the same village, it is the Anjou that spent the same fifteen years, my childhood friend Anjou.
My mind is still confused.No, I mean it’s weird! Why is Anjou in here, moreover she has enrolled in the Support Maid Department as a matter of course, furthermore, the top graduate, what kind of things has she been doing! ? What about the village? What about her tuition? If Anjou is not in the village as the heiress of the village chief’s house the village will collapse , although the tuition fees will be exempted if one’s an outstanding Student, the enrollment costs shouldn’t be exempted unless one has been recommanded . That sort of money, as the head of a village in the remote regions there’s no way he could have some.
While my mind is confused, the ceremony proceeds as a matter of course.

“Anjou-kun, as the top graduate you can choose the unit to be assigned to as a reward.Are you going to exercise this right? ”
“Yes! I wish to be assigned to the 31st Aluminare Unit! ”

Anjou declared that as though it was a matter of course.And, this request got approved of course.
In other words, I’m going to be assigned to the same unit as Anjou.
Baptiste annoyingly pokes my side with my an envious look. If we weren’t in the middle of a ceremony, I would’ve sent him flying with a kick…
When I glared at Anjou in order to ignore Baptiste, our eyes met when she was coming down from the stage.And I was winked at with a snap.[ TN: think of the stereotypical Japanese girl picture pose]
At that moment, I felt my heartbeat quickening and cheeks becoming hot.
For such thing to be done by Anjou that has grown from a little girl into a woman, shouldn’t I be excited! And, in any case.Later on I’ll have her properly explain the situation!  Remember it at the time of the celebration!

After that, the ceremony ends without incidents, until the preparation for the celebration is arranged we came back to the classroom.
And of course the topic in there is Anjou.

“How enviable to be in the same unit with that girl, you…”

I throw a roundhouse kick, but it is tightly guarded against by the arm of Baptiste. Chi…

“But, it isn’t like you’re unrelated, right? Seeing Eldo’s reaction, I felt like you’re acquaintances ”
“What, you’ve noticed it?”
“well, sort of…”

Leon told us with a composed appearance that it was during the ceremony. According to it, when Anjou was going up close to the stage, I was acting strange and ended up fidgeting after that.I intended to hide it, but it seems to have been found out by the surroundings.
By the way, the surroundings seems to be excited just thinking that it would be cute to be in an unit together and become acquainted.It makes me somewhat excessively angry.

“She’s your childhood friend. You told us before that you’ve been confessed to at the village ”
“Oh, do you mean that girl!?  To be confessed to by such a cute girl and you turned her down!? ”
“Baptiste control the tension already!  You’ve been seriously noisy since a while ago ”
“But she’s a very beautiful girl! Although calling her a princess wouldn’t be that out of place! ”

Even Baptiste who should be used to seeing beautiful women deems her a beautiful girl?It looks like I wasn’t thinking too much.Maybe, it might have just been nepotism, he was just about to lose his confidence in three years.It was just right.

“So goo~~d I’m jealou~~s”
“Even you, since you’re assigned to an unit, you’ll be joined with a support maid”
“You just don’t get it maaan.A childhood friend isn’t that great? How come that my childhood friend is this dude? It’s super-tough for me to have a man come to wake me up every morning! ”

Having said that, at the end of the pointing finger is Leon casting his gaze at the source.
Leon raised his glasses with a low mumble, glaring at Baptiste.

“That’s my line.Why did I have to wake you up every morning! It’d be the end of this story if you wake up on your own! ”
“There’s no way I can wake up in the morning when I’m doing nocturnal athletic meets”
“Think of my position when I step into that location, this idiot”

Even argument, they have excellent compatibility, these guys.
While we are noisily talking amongst ourselves, a Pilot Department’s junior came to notify us that the preparations for the celebration have been completed.
His nervous appearance looked downright innocent before us. While reminiscing about the time we used to look like that, we head toward the dining room which is the celebration’s venue.
Today’s dining room, the usually aligned tables and chairs have all been set apart , instead a round table full lavish cuisine has been placed.
It’s the so-called buffet format.

“It’s Eldo-Sama”
“It’s Baptiste-Sama”
“Even Leon-Sama came”

At the moment we entered the cafeteria, the students that were over there, no the gazes of the former students converged.Well, because we’re the three people that has been elected as pilot, it’s natural to have popularity.I also have received uncountable love confessions, still, I do not plan to be unpopular. Well, most of the girls see the position of pilot as attractive though . It’s the same as being attracted to a F1 racer.
As the shrill cheers of women is jumping, Baptiste responds to it waving and smiling.I appropriately face them with a smile.As expected Leon has a sour look, to fool them all with a smile when the new year’s day arrived was impossible to realize in person.
But, the situation is different from usual. Somehow, it’s like they check and balance each other out.
When I was feeling so, Baptiste whispered in my ear.

“Look, there will be a dance party after this.”

The celebration has aspects that are close to the parties of the nobility. For this reason, there will be dancing in the lightly used dance floor section behind the cafeteria.
On top of the etiquette as a soon-to-be pilot, I also have to be able to dance. But, I don’t like it that much. I hate dancing with all eyes upon me, it’s turning into something like a show.

“I’d want to invite, but it’s likely I’d crushed on the first move”
“I see…”

The person that moves first will be recognized as a rival and be kicked down by everyone. But, someone has to move, since no one else is moving …. we’ll keep checking each other at this pace, although it’s comfortable like this .
The moment I thought of such a thing, I detected a shadow coming over this way in the corner of my field of vision.


It came running over while directly calling for my name.While the women around were taken aback, as it’s coming over with a full-powered dash those women couldn’t catch up.
That woman was Anjou running with fluttering golden hair, she dived with both arms extended aiming at me.
When I promptly extended my hands, catching those arms pulling the body toward myself, I flung her away in the rear using the tenets of the seoi nage [TN: judo-style shoulder throw].


Ange raised her surprised voice while dancing in the air and to the rear.
Did you think I’d give you a hug?! It’s because of your weird surprise that your mind ended up confused!

“But, I won’t lose!”

But what did she think? when Anjou restored her posture in the air, using the Flare Booster dove once again while aiming at me.
As I didn’t think that she’d go so far as using magic, I got caught off-guard, as it is, I ended up hugging Anjou.

“Because it’s so late, I came to see you!”
“No, no no no, it look weird! That’s not the issue! ”
” Don’t mind… Don’t mind! Apart from that, let’s dance after this dance ”
“O… Oh”

At Anjou’s smile, I unintentionally allowed it .
Having heard that, Baptiste, Leon, and the surrounding women began to move all at once.

“Eldo, the hell!”
“Hey, What give you right to easily allow it!”

A large amount of ladies was gathering around us.As we don’t intend to be buried under the wave , the both of us immediately invoked magic and we slipped out of the circle.
But the other party are the support maid rumored to be stronger than knights.Without letting us easily run away, they went around us and immediately blocked our route.
The venue, fell into a state of panic and changed into an uncontrollable situation.To the ladies team gathers around us like a pack of hungry wolves, the man team that was close to the wall trembling with fear, I wonder if that’s not an illusion.

“Eldo! Lets get out of the venue for moment. If this keeps going on there will injured people”
“O… Oh.Anjou let go”
“Not a chance”
“We don’t a choice ! Ah, fine! ”
“Kya, Wow! Eldo’s princess carry! ”

I was going to move according Leon’s instruction, but Anjou didn’t let go and kept clinging.
Since I don’t have the time to persuade her, I reluctantly held the smiling Anjou in my arms and flew out from the venue using magic.

Strong wind swept the Academy school building’s rooftop. We have been hiding there.
After flying out of the dining room, while fending off the attacks of the coming female-type monsters, we were able to somehow throw off the women within the school.Then the safe place, we have taken refuge in this rooftop in a restricted zone.
I let Anjou off that I held up in my arms and requested an explanation.

“So, why is Anjou at the academy? What did you do about the admission fees? ”
“Huh? Eldo-kun, you didn’t notice? ”

Saying that, Anjou inclined her head.Perhaps, is it something extremely simple?

“What are the conditions of admission on recommendation?”
“The recommendation of an aluminare unit’s captain or of three or more members”
“So, with whose recommendation did enroll in?”
“With Captain Baudouin but… Ah”
“Did you notice?”

So, that’s what she meant?
In my mind, only the face of a grinning Ritz-San. emerges.Maybe, Anjou’s admission had been planned from the beginning! ?

“Did you get the recommendation from Ritz-San and the other two?”
“Yeah, from Ritz-san, Benoit-San, Karine-San”
“Even Karine-San…”

Benoit-San, from his atmosphere he’s unlikely to defy Ritz-San, I think that there is no way even riding on the plan, to think that even Karine-San was involved.
And hearing the details so far, it is as such.
On the day I said that I will be leaving the village, apparently, Ritz-San accidentally found Anjou crying near the forest.
Hearing the circumstances, they designed the current plan.
As it is, she might marry a man she doesn’t like and give birth to children.As a woman, Karine who can understand that bitterness also willingly cooperated, she was enrolled in the academy in the late enrollment.
After that, knowing that the top student can choose the unit to be assigned to, while desperately studying, she superbly acquired the top spot by demonstrating the full extend of her talent.Somehow, Anjou didn’t have a speck of doubt that I’ll take the top spot , she expected that I would choose the 31st Aluminare Corps, she probably wanted to be assigned to the same squad.
No way, the fact that she accomplished all of that without me completely noticing…

“That’s an act of love.By the way, Eldo also cherished the amulet the whole time. It’s certainly something precious that you’ve received from your childhood friend? ”

Baptiste heard the story and said something unnecessary while smiling and grinning.As soon as she heard it, Anjou’s smile felt all the more brilliant.

“You cherished that amulet !”
“This fellow, he’s always carrying it around next to his skin”
“Really! I’m so happy! ”

At Baptiste’s unwarranted meddling, Anjou came to hug me again.
I’m happy that I’m being hugged but, when I’m hugged from the grown Anjou, there’s many embarrassing contact.Despite the strong wind, the fragant gently sweet smell caused my heart to pound.

“It’s fine to have a love affair, but we’ll soon have to return. Panic would also have considerably subsided.It’ll be trouble if us, from the pilot department, doesn’t show up at the celebration ”

Leon who has been looking down at the state of the school buildings, interjected. Apparently, it seems that the ladies teams have come to calm down since we’ve been out of their field of view.If we appear again in their field of view we don’t what will happen, but as expected, as the professor team is present they’d have to reluctantly behave.

“Ayo . You’ve shown me something interesting ”
“I got it. Anjou calm down already.Look, take a deep breath ”

Following my instructions, Anjou takes a deep breath. The rooftop air at the end of February would certainly be cold .

“Was I calm?”
“Nn, it’s okay. Because It’s been a long time since I last met Eldo-Kun, so I got excited. Sorry. ”
“Do it in moderation.”
“hurry up. We’ll leave you behind ”

Leon and Baptiste came down from the rooftop by activating their magic after saying that.
We returned to the venue while going after them.

Our student life ends.It may have been a drop, a small drop that leads to a large current.

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