Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 06-04

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As the summer pass, along with the slightly cold wind, the season changed into autumn.
On the surface of the grasslands, with its color changing from green to brown and tree leaves in the forest are brilliantly changing color along with it.As a large quantity of dry-leaves fell on the ground, making it easy for one’s step to slip, hiding the protruding roots on the ground surface, it created a trap for airheads.
Within a such a forest、2 aluminares were pointing their swords at each other.
Leon is riding in one.And Layla is riding in the other one.

“Leon, he’s under pressure…”
“These days, Layla is terrible. Somehow, she looks like she’s possessed by a powerful deity”

From Baptiste’s metaphor, the surrounding students nod their heads.
In here, there’s not only the pilot department’s student.Because of the direct confrontation between aluminares since the beginning of autumn, the students from the mechanic department are also observing that battle on the ground.
Then, after the battle ends, the damaged machine is recovered by the mechanics department and replace by a new machine in about 15 minutes.
Its structure is simple,with the exception of the generator’s parts that have to be assembled in advance and cram the disconnected generator into it.
The mechanics department is in charge of repairing the broken parts and the pilot department once again perform the battle training.
As it’ll soon be the end of the 3rd year, both departments started performing even more hands-on lessons.
Layla’s machine moves.
When it lightly hit and repelled Leon machine’s sword with it’s own sword, it leap in aiming at its bust. However, Leon isn’t 3rd in the records for show.
He immediately took a step back and increased the distance while swinging down the sword toward Layla’s machine.Layla’s machine catches that and switches over to locking sword to sword pushing.
The machines performance are even.If this is the case, the outcome of this sword to sword locking will directly depend on the difference of ability between these two.Immediately after thinking that, Layla’s machine slightly pulled its arm and took out it power.
Of course, Leon’s machine’s blade approaches Layla’s machines.However, the blade never got to touch Layla’s machines.
Due to the impact of an attack from right under it, Leon’s machine’s arm got repelled upward.

“Shock Burst, huh…”
“It has enough power to cause its arm to lift up”

This time, for this real combat training, three magics have been registered into the aluminares. One is the usual Shock Burst, Flashlight it generate an intense light causing blindness and lastly the Magic Shield for use against magic.
The Magic Shield is so fragile that it’d simply get broken through just from the aluminare’s brute strength. However, it’s a pretty helpful magic in softening the magic’s impact.If possible, this time, there’s just the strength to completely nullify the Shock Burst.In fact, this magic has been registered in order to avoid fatal wounds that almost invariably appear in combat.
However, Layla successfully repelled the arm by firing the Shock burst at the timing of the opponent’s attack therefore outside of the timing of the Magic Shield invocation.
With both arms raised in the air, Leon’s machine’s torso was, of course, defenseless.
Layla’s machine’s sword was thrusted over there.
That sword perfectly pointing at the cockpit.I guess it’s over.


When the Professor screamed through the microphone, both machines slowly retreated taking some distance while storing their weapons onto their waist, returning back here.
At the same time, the mechanics department’s students started to hurriedly move.
After this, the two machines are recovered and carried to the hangar, in order to change the generator within 15 minutes you can’t bring a new machine.
Hurry up!it was the encouragement that the mechanics department’s professor yelled, the students assembled around the aluminares that stood sill.
when Layla opened the cockpit’s hatch, she jumped off from there without using any magic. [TN: *Black widow ‘s landing* lol]
When Layla splendidly landed with a *shuta*,  as a wave of commotion ran trough the mechanics department’s students, some were sighing out of concern or of wonder.Then, noticing that those that weren’t charmed, the person in charge of the transfer promptly entered the cockpit.
Leon normally invoked magic, going down and standing on the grassland.

“Thanks to you two”
“It’s Layla’s consecutive victory”
“Of course”

So declares Layla coldly without any expression.Leon lowered his face and made a fist.
Since the excursion out side the city, Layla’s attitude clearly became cold.
Choosing words that can be taken as provocations pushing aside anybody with her words and deeds.The previously amazed gazes pointing at her turned into gazes containing feelings of animosity.
Well, I do like aluminares, she might have told me that she hated aluminares but, as we all went along together for more than two years and we’ve come to put some distance between us so it’s a little lonely.

“Next is Eldo and Baptiste.So far, Eldo is steadily wining with no loses, Baptiste is also in good shape these days.Make sure to do your best”

Just as I was thinking that the Professor was looking at Layla for a moment, his gaze that was looking at the data in her hand immediately turned back.

I embark on the returned new machines, causing it to boot up.
Next to me, Baptiste similarly booted up his machine.
Nodding to each other, we move to place where the contest will start.

“I guess you’re ready”
“Eldo machine, there’s no problems”
“Baptiste machine, I can go anytime!”
“Weeeeeeeeell Start!”

Along with the signal, I vigorously Incline toward the back.Immediately following, The sword of Baptiste’s machine swing at the location of the face.


The sound collecting magic picked up Baptiste’s tongue clicking.
Naive.I’m not an idiot that can be defeated by such a simple surprise attack.
Inside the machine that’s falling back, I’m operating the foot pedal while increasing the generator’s output, making it kick the ground.
While the machine is jumping toward the back in a big way, it regained it’s posture by doing a backflip using only its right arm.

“Doing such reckless maneuver…”
“Unexpectedly, that’s not the case.Now, I’m starting”

Simply because I’m back to back to square one, I shoot a Shock Burst.Of course, It’s repelled by the Magic Shield however, I just shot this magic as mean to keep him from getting closer.
While saving on the consumption of fuel by using the Shock Burst at its lowest power, I’m raiding onto Baptiste’s machine.
Baptiste stopped my sword while generating the Magic Shield.
And then, without any delay, he projects his right arm while releasing magic aiming at the machine’s left arm.Since my weak-point is that I can’t move my left arm so of course.
However, even I, am not such a fool that’ll let myself be defeated.
To the shot out Shock Burst, I strike it with the same magic cancelling out its power.

Regardless of the fact that aluminares have problems in term of fuel, the reason why magic is it’s main weapon is because of the freedom in the angle of fire.
Fire weapons such as guns and cannons, when they plunge into a chest from that angle of fire they’re reduced into blunt weapons.However, in the invocation of magic an angle of fire doesn’t exist.
If you just satisfy the condition of not damaging your own machine, you can fire at any kind of angle and point to any direction.
Of course, for magic released at point blank range, you can also use such a technique of similarly releasing a magic at point blank range cancelling each other out.

the sweeping over shock wave rattles and shakes the surfaces of the machines, if it’s this much there’s no problems.
I put strength into the right arm and pushed back Baptiste’s machine’s sword only for a moment.
Using this opportunity, I made the machine crouch and performed a leg sweeping.
Baptiste made his machine jump avoiding the leg sweeping however, I immediately fire a Shock Burst aiming at Baptiste’s machine in the air.
Even if he forms a Magic shield, he can’t plant himself in the air.
On impact, Baptiste’s machine is flung back away.running after that machine, while making an approach run, I thrust the sword out.
In these 2 years, my one-armed sword skill has become pretty good.
Although at first, I tried to apply the techniques I learned from Lune-San into the machine movements, as expected I gave up precisely imitating the sword skills because I couldn’t use it with the left arm.
So, I consulted with Lune-San and we came up with a sword skill exclusive to aluminares.
By fully operating the machine’s joints, There’s an one-armed slash attack that used movements that a person can’t perform.

“Like I’d let you!”

As for my thrust out sword, Baptiste’s machine dodged it by forcibly breaking its posture.
Baptiste’s machine landed as it is while shaving the ground in a big way, maintains its posture with one knee.Even while attacking in pursuit, tightly preserving the balance of the upper half of the body, there’s no gap to break into.

” I only have a few f***ing months left! Even I don’t feel like being content to being in the 4th rank! You too! Layla too! Leon too! I’ll knock you all down and take the top position!”

It’s a good’s causing my body to shiver all over the place.
But, even I don’t feel like coming down from my undefeated position.Manual control, one-armed sword skill and my willpower! Let’s bring him down by using(not sure) them all!

“Come on !”

While Baptiste’s machine is standing up, it makes an attack.
That set up sword, I guess he’ll swing it aiming for my left arm.If so, matching that, I’ll set a counter!
Setting up its sword while lowering its hips.
As expected, the drawn out sword was aiming at my left arm.
I immediately invoked the Flash Light stealing away Baptiste’s vision. He’s unable to see my movements.Although I’m also unable to see Baptiste’s machine, it’s impossible to change the course of a sword being swung downward.
I head toward the expected course of the downward swing and thrust out my sword.
The impact assaults the machine with an intense sound, I thrust my machine’s sword at Baptiste’s machine’s arm.
With the strength as it is, I push the sword in and raise my right leg up while pulling down Baptiste’s machine.
That kick that used the whole body blew away the mobile camera, namely, its head.

“G… aaAAAAAh!”

The machine falling down as it is, tumbling while forcibly tearing off the arm.
when the effect of the Flash Light wore off, Baptiste’s machine lost its right arm and its head and collapsed on the grasslands.
I slowly approaches and straddles Baptiste’s machine, holding the sword in a reverse grip, I raise it up over my head.If I swing it down as it is, the trajectory will pierce through the cockpit.


Thereupon, the Professor put a stop to it.
I attach the sword to my hips and extends a hand to Baptiste’s machine.

“Are you OK?”
“Damn, making me fall down in flashy way”

Saying so, Baptiste took my machine’s hand and got up.Looks like there’s no problems on its body.

“It’ll take much more to win against me”
“Why? We’re using the same machines and yet such differences in output and so on come out? …Even my generator is in Manual control, you know”

The threes Layla and co wanted to use the left arm, it looks like it can only be carried out by calling off the balancer and pitching[TN: it might be typo from the author] the generator’s output manually.
However, I’m also personally adjusting various things such as waste heat, stabilizer, the angle of aerodynamic fins etc…Above all, the benefit of manually controlling the gravity center controller is great.
As the Balancer and the generator are in direct contact with each other, by automatically changing the generator’s output it can keep its balance.In addition to this, by adding up the absorption of impacts by means of the stabilizer, the stability by means of the gravity center controller and various other functions, one can finally freely control an aluminare.
By controlling that gravity center controller, I can forcibly raise its power at the moment of impact.Thanks to that, I pulled of the feat of piercing the arm of Baptiste’s machine without giving in to the swinging down sword.
In the case of peoples, a difference of a few centimeters in the movements of the gravity center doesn’t give rise to that much difference in power however, If we take into account aluminare’s mass those few centimeters turn into a large difference.Because of that, after the movement of center of gravity the balance collapses and piloting become difficult however, that’s where I display my skills. In other wooooooooords

“It’s the privilege of the Full Multi.If I sacrifice my left arm, do I think that I can even take on Baptiste ?”
“The compensation is way too big! A aAAAAh! Sh*t! Next time I won’t lose!”
“No matter how many times, I’ll lay you down”
“You guys, stop talking and come back quickly!”
“”I’m sorry!””

Because of the Professors scolding, we came back to the rendez-vous point running fast.

Post-battle training, the professors assembled at the staff room, started a meeting.
The agenda is is related to this school year graduates.In other words, who to choose among Eldo’s group.


Among them, the one with the highest position groans while comparing the data at hand.
The professors tilted their heads to the side in confusion at that situation.

“What’s wrong Professor Gasoul? I sense that this year’s remaining pupils are quite excellent however, you’re worried about something?”
” Indeed, not long ago, I received from the Headquarter a notification about this year’s knight hiring quota”
“How many people?”

Among all the members in here, I wished for there to be 4 people.
They did a contest of efforts because they understood that in recent years there’s been a group of extraordinary ability.

“It’s three people”

Just at the moment when those words were spoken, the staff room’s atmosphere became heavy.

“Three people”
“It’s three people, huh?”

The professors unanimously recited that figure.That figure, even for the professors it was something heavy to weigh on.

“I guess it’s because last year it was 5 people…”
“If I’m not mistaken, the year before too”

Even saying it so, it can’t be helped.Last year and the year before were years where many pilot cadets were promoted to true pilots due to the increasing large number of aluminares in possession and due to the Jakarta’s headquarters’s strategy.
Even though there are no objections about their abilities, when they’re compared to this year’s members, nonetheless it’s unfavorable.

” I can’t help but be depressed.It means that among those four we have to choose three.We’ll decide as true pilots after the exam that will occur in 1 month however, since the headquarters also needs preparation.We don’t have to decide who the candidates are”

As for the candidates, those are without a doubt Eldo, Layla, Baptiste and Leon.But, the professors have to report the person among them that will likely e eliminated.
The fact is that they have to choose no matter how difficult is is.

” First, let’s start by deciding on Eldo-Kun, Alright? He’s second on the written test with 2 points difference, his sword skill compared to the first year has grown beyond recognition.Right now he has enough strength to even compete against true pilots.”Above all, concerning his aluminares piloting, it doesn’t allow any tracking”

Leading up to the present condition, no matter how peculiar his piloting skill is, they have no other choice but to acknowledge it as he’s undefeated at the battle training.
Aluminares are few in the first place, in order to customize them by matching each and every maneuver processor, machine’s equipment and so on, not minding the special characteristics to that extent.At first the other group members would be baffled but, they’ll grow accustomed to it.

” Indeed.I think we can settle on Eldo-kun”
“I’m also of the same opinion”

One by one, approvals of Eldo’s entering as a true pilot increased and it was decided.
The name that came up next is Leon.

“There’s no problem for Leon.His grade is 3th place with 5 points difference with 1st place.As for sword skill nothing to criticize.As his personality is composed, also his piloting that acted along the fundamental can take in a peculiar piloting on top of that. As for contest result, he got defeated by both Eldo-Kun and Layla-San however, looking at the whole matter, his judgement ability surpasses all of them”
“He’s the type that rises up on top”

If Eldo is the type that exhibit his strength on the battlefield, Leon is that back, he’ll exhibit that strength as a commander.
Viewing the whole battlefield, other than putting up strategies, he ‘ll perform efficient movements.He’s that type of pilot.
Leon too, his entering as a true pilot was decided by means of a majority vote.
But, in contrast with the remaining two, the opinions of the professors were opposed.

“I think we should Layla-san a pilot.How can’t we not make an All Perfect a pilot? Impossible”
” But her emotional range is too large.Although these days, it looks like she’s lost any considerations in relation to the machine”
“If it’s a battle, it”s natural for the consideration to lessen”
“But, at practice, with this performance, there’s also a possibility that the machine won’t be able to handle it”

Listening to the professors opinions while looking at the data of the aluminare Layla piloted, Gasoul groans.
Since the end of the out of the city’s exercise, he could understand that Layla’s movements have changed just from having seen them.But, looking at the data it’s even more obvious.
Although she’s only been defeated by Eldo, she’s won all the other ones, the machine’s burden is always over 120%, the joints on the machines piloted by Layla whining.there are many attacks that depend on the output, on many occasion, it can be seen that the machine is handled like a sacrificial pawn.
In actual fighting, those flaws have demonstrated to her more than 2 times.Once you base it on that, the current Layla still has anxiety on the battlefield.
When thinking about her insecurity when she first rode an aluminare, you can’t send her out with the stamp of approval saying that it’s alright.
Concerning Baptiste, although he has many weak spots on his piloting with hi 4th place position, as you can from today’s battle his desire to improve is fierce, precisely because he’ light on women his mental level is stabilizing.As he’s largely the class’s mood-maker, the atmosphere of the squad he’ll be transferred to will not be bad.

“Both have advantages and drawbacks.You can say it’s humane however, since in a battlefield those can possibly be fatal”
“It’s difficult, isn’t?”
“Here, we should discuss until everyone is satisfied”
“Indeed.I want to decide the person with the majority rule”

Thereafter, a thorough discussion took place and the meeting came to a conclusion, from the beginning, it took approximately 2 hours.

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