Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 06-03

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The next day we finished the base tour. we were diligently making the preparation to depart since the morning.

“I’m borrowing the bathroom”
“Wait a minute! Let me use the toilet first!”
“No, that will make it smelly”

*Bang* and the door closed in front of Baptiste’s eyes, the sound of a firmly locked door echoes in the room.Me and Leon crouch to suppress our belly, while giving a commiserating gaze to Baptiste, I had to choose clothes for going out.
Although I say so,there isn’t much to choose from, such as clothes I brought, like the shirts to wear under the uniforms.
Just pull them out of the bag, making sure I’m suitably dressed with no discomfort.

“Well, I guess this is alright”

I’m wearing the uniform’s pants and a white short-sleeve cut shirt.
As for Leon, like a typical noble he brought various kinds of clothes, he wore a dark blue trouser and a parka on top of the T-shirt.
As for Baptiste, he couldn’t move…What a pitiful guy.

Well, speaking of why this early in the morning, we’re getting ready to go out dressed in plain clothes? The reason is simple.
It’s because in these seven days, today’s our only precious day off out of the year.
Saying so, It’s more sensibly correct if I said it’s that it was the free time during the school trip. After receiving out pass for the passage between the base and the city, today, we’ll look around the city Jakarta for one day.

“Sorry for the wait”
“Oh! ”

While we were doing that, Layla shows up from the bathroom having finished changing her clothes.
Seeing her figure, we unintentionally raised our voice.

“No, I was reminded that Layla’s a female too”
“Do you want to be slashed?”
“Don’t be absurd”

Leila was wearing an A-line black dress up to about above her knee.Wearing a straw hat as a measure against sunlight, clad with a white scarf on her shoulder, on her waist there was a metallic ring as a substitute for a belt.From her shoulder her bare white arm, a colorful good luck bracelet was wound around her wrist.
Her thin legs toned form her daily training were proudly bare, her shoes were also string sandals with heels.
Honestly, just by her attire, for her impression to change this much was unexpected.

“Even I can be fashionable and decent.I just have no opportunity to show it.Other than that, Eldo , why don’t you pay a little attention to your clothes? It’s almost not an uniform ”

Well, as for my appearance you can’t also really say that I just took off my uniforms or perhaps it’s essence.
Buuuuuuut –

“It’s great to be admitted with a recommendation but, I don’t have enough time to even work in order to maintain it, in the first place I don’t even have an allowance from home.When I don’t have any means of earning money, What do I do? Or rather I’m really suspicious of how Layla is earning her income! ”

That’s right.Even though I have no time to work at all, why only Layla has enough funds to generally be fashionable ! Even you, probably don’t have any allowances !

From the evening I’m working at a restaurant ? You see, while the Eldo is doing his sword training. ”
“Are you serious! How do you keep that kind of swordsmanship ! ? ”

Even I, if I don’t swing for one day only I’ll become forgetful.Each time, it’s because I have been hurt by Lune-San’s sword !

“Although I practice kata a little in the morning, only that much.Later on during class time or at the time when it’s empty after school.After studying is done, it’s enough with just school classes.It take about this much time. ”
“That margin is horrible ….”
“Yes yes, don’t say stupid things, isn’t it about time?”

While we were talking, the assembly time was imminent.
Hurrying to finish our preparations, we head toward the front desk set as the place of assembly.Over there, the professors, the vice-commander and the members of the second group that were waiting already.
We hurriedly rushed over and formed a line below the professors.

“Sorry for making you wait! ”
“Good. All members are assembled.Today, as planned, is your free day.Well, although you’re practically thinking of going into the city, make sure as to not repeatedly cause problematic behaviors. ”
“Yes! ”
“Well then, I’ll distribute the the passage gate’s passes.Because you can only use it for today, please do not lose it.If you have lost it, please quickly contact the gate’s clerk.Because it will become a help for a suspicious person in an invasion ”

The vice-commander distributes the cards while saying so.Each one of us has a card with our personal information and our school registry number written on it.If it was in my previous life there would be an ID photo pasted on it, as this world doesn’t have any photographic technology, so there are none.The thing itself is close to an insurance card.
Each one of us, in order to not lose it, put it away into a pocket or a wallet and also from anywhere you can keep it or with a nameplate holding necklace, each one respectively put the passage pass away in a place they felt it would be safe.
By the way, I had it placed in a wallet.In my previous life, there was a principle of collecting all your valuables into your wallet or purse.This way is more familiar.Well, there is also a danger of pickpocket however , that would depend on my attention.As a guy that’s trying to become a knight, if I got my pockets picked it’ll set me as a bad example to others .

“Each one of you should bear in mind that as a student of the Academy you should act in moderation.Dismissed! ”

The professors turn back to their rooms after saying so .
After we saw them off, we ran toward the base’s gate ahead of me
Because we’re students indeed that we’re looking forward to our free time !

Beyond the gate, entering the town, a cityscape full of liveliness different from the base burst in.
The base, which was orderly and without any futility in its structure, but the town’s houses settings are complicated with its maze-like roadways gave it a chaotic ambience.There, lined with many stalls, clients are incessantly coming and going on the road.
Like Fortran, since there is no need to let an aluminare pass, the with of the road is so small that somehow carriages manage to pass each other.

“What great atmosphere”
“Its liveliness is different from Fortran.Just from changing the cityscape, the people’s atmosphere would also change this much? ”
“I wonder if there are any cute giiiirl~”
“Well, from where should I start?”

One way, although I’ve examined famous places, but with that one day of free time, I can’t plan it that meticulously.I mean, it’s almost haphazard.

I unsteadily walk in the city according to the direction of the wind and heart following the scent of those areas.
Buying wood carvings from the street stalls that I don’t quite understand, chewing the meat from a recommended street stall.
Whether I thought so or not, my feet carried me to an art gallery and I indulged in the appreciation of sculptures and paintings, buying a puzzle that copying a painting referred to as souvenir.
Baptiste … Something like a ten thousand pieces puzzle when does he plan to make it?
We individually continue to fully enjoy the city of Jakarta that way.
Bags of souvenirs hanging from both hands, the contents of my wallet became somewhat lonely.
The sun started to gradually go down increasing its redness.
As the pedestrian traffic changes from tourist to housewives, I began to stand out while shopping for dinner.


When I was proposing to soon head toward my last objective, I heard a scream from across the street.

“Purse snatcher! Catch him ! ”
“Move ! I’ll Kill you ! ”

I who have grasped the situation in a moment, all at once deposited my luggage to Baptiste, to free my hands.Although that amount in luggage buried Baptiste to the point of being unable to see ahead, well I guess it’s not a problem.
To view the unrest of the people of the street, the purse-snatcher fled toward this way.

“I found you.”
“ possess a knife, huh? ”
“I’ll handle the knife.Take care in securing him ”

At this point, it’s too late to say it’s dangerous.To begin with, among us, Layla’s the strongest, before that, we’re not so weak as to lose against a purse-snatcher.
The handling of weapons or even catching, these roles can be assigned to anyone.Just because Layla declared it first, we merely had to concede.
Layla drops her hips at the same tine the purse-snatcher come over.

“Get out of the way !”

Toward Layla who doesn’t give way, the purse-snatcher mercilessly projected out his knife.
When I thought Layla’s arm blurred for a moment, a *Kin* high sound, the blade of the knife that had been projected disappears.
It, while it was spinning around in the air, it was reflecting the light of the setting sun.
To the sudden events, the purse-snatcher wasn’t sure about what just happened.In the meantime, when Layla twisted her body in one rotation, kicking the chest of the offender with the heel with all of her strength.
Together with a heavy *Don* sound, the culprit is blown off to the rear, rolled on the ground.
This power, if it were stilettos it’ll pierce through his chest…….

“This degree? It’s weak ”

After she caught the falling knife’s blade with her two fingers, she fixed the hem of the disarrayed skirt.
The citizens in the surrounding did not know what just happened, were just stunned.
However, we do understand.The moment the criminal was projecting his knife, Layla took out an edged tool from the inside of her skirt and cut off the opponent’s knife. How come she’s always having her knife ready while sightseeing ….
While the movement of people is stopping, we approaches the defeated criminal getting back the bag that would have been snatched away from the woman.
Leon is restraining the criminal’s joints so that he cannot escape.
When it comes to that time, the citizens will probably come to understand what happened.
An applause sounded out of nowhere, it gradually spread into the surrounding.
For some reason, the big applause is carried out from the corner of the road, a strange phenomenon occurred, well it’s not because of us? Or rather, isn’t this contrary to the moderation in behavior as Academy’s student?

When the applause subsided after a while, the women who got her bag snatched came to us.

“E, eeerr.Thank you very much”

The woman desperately lowered her head, expressing her gratitude.Layla seemed to be confused by the situation.

“Because it’s a matter of course so please do not mind.More than that, are you hurt? Although the criminal had a knife. ”
“Oh, eeer…. My arm a little bit.But, I’m okay.Because it’s not that big of a wound. ”

For a moment she displays such care about the woman’s right arm.We didn’t miss it.
When I made an eye signal to Leon, Leon instantly went around the woman on the right side, lightly grabbed her arm.
With just that, the woman grimaced.

“It has been slashed.”

When Leon is forcibly roll up her sleeve, a single scratch appeared.Perhaps she has been slashed when he tried to snatch the bag.The scratch doesn’t seem too deep, but there is a danger of infection if we leave it alone.It doesn’t have to go beyond proper treatment.

“Let’s go to the clinic.It’s fine to make this criminal pay for her medical cost.We’ll also escort them. ”

As I made the criminal stand up, he still had pain from the place he got kicked saying ‘U…. U….’, using him to kneel in front of the woman.

“But…Since it’s enough for me to regain my bag.”
“What are you saying.Since you have been slashed, you really should have it treated!  In this state, the scratch will remain on your skin. ”

I guess is worried about that part.Although the wound is shallow, it seems unforgivable as a woman to have the cut leave a scar.Well, I’m the type that wear clothes that doesn’t show scars.If I think I won’t be able to wear them, I become desperate.

“And furthermore, we’re also scheduled to go to the clinic after this.So It is just right. ”

I see, the place we were trying to go to.It is also a clinic.
Why? If as for the said clinic, on the day before leaving Fortran, My teacher Lune-San who passed a letter to me to give, because I was told.
She said “If you go to Jakarta, you might want to come look at the clinic.If you show them this letter, they’ll show you a lot of stuff ”
The letter, has been properly inserted into my breast pocket.
I don’t know what she intended to do by telling me such a thing, I don’t think that that person will something pointless.It didn’t even have the atmosphere of a mission, it is likely that there’s something she wants to show us.
It’ll also be good if I went there on my own, but if my expectation is correct, as a person aiming to become a pilot, there’s no loss in seeing what is in there.So, I invited everyone to go together.

“……I understand.Sorry to trouble you. ”
“No, no, it’s because this also related to something”

At this time the city soldier came running, we handed the criminal over,the woman’s treatment expenses claim was later explained and we were heading to the clinic.

Jakarta’s clinic is a place relatively close to the base.It is, because this clinic is also utilized by the base’s officials.
Although there’s also medical facilities in the base, patient that requires long-term hospitalization are passed on to here.Therefore, the building of the clinic is very large, the sight of the windows that are lined up make seems like an Academy’s school building.
We took the woman towards the reception.

“What did you do today?”
“We brought a person who got slashed with a knife during a bag-snatching.The bleeding stopped, but only first-aid is really needed. ”
“I understand.Please enter to the third of the room.Because I think that it’ll immediately be ready for medical examination ”
“Thank you”

Layla took the woman going into to the third of the room.I looked ahead the moment the door opened, but the examination room doesn’t change that much with the one from my previous life.As there are only larger clinics and probably a larger number of doctors.The number of similarly numbered rooms is ten.

“Do anyone of you have something else?”

Even when Layla move I’m not moving, the receptionist was perplexed.
I take out the aforementioned letter from my breast pocket.

“From someone called Lune a former support maid I would like to hand it over to the director”
“To the director?”

While the receptionist was suspicious, she went off to the back of the counter after receiving my letter.Then another woman opened a separate counter to continue the business.It is a good cooperation.
After waiting for a while, from the door the woman disappeared into a grizzled elderly women came out wearing a monocle.

“Are you Eldo-San?”
“Yes.You are? ”
“I serve as the director of this clinic, My name is Hojun. I read the letter from Lune. Do you know about its content? ”
“Clearly don’t know..Because I was only told that I’ll be guided into the hospital ”
“Is that so?”

The Director shuts her while thinking of something and opens them.

“As for me, I don’t intend to refuse Lune’s request.However, I think it would be to show to Eldo painful things? ”
“I somehow expected this so it’s alright.Other than that, but I’d also like to see it together with my friends, is it OK? ”
“Is it to say that they are the same as you?”
“Yes, student of the same pilot department at the Academy”
“What about their feelings? Coercion is not allowed ”
“I’ll verify, but I think that they’ll probably be all right.Because everyone are a strong bunch”

When I was talking with the director, Layla came out of the hospital room.Bandages were wound around the woman’s arm, looks like the treatment has carried out properly.With that there’ wont be any worry of infection.
The woman frequently bowed to Layla and co, but Leila had been impatiently trying to somehow get her head up.Maybe, she’s probably not used to being bowed to.
After a while, when she saw the situation, the woman also bowed facing over here and left the clinic behind.It seems that it was settled.
And then, Layla and co came back toward me.

“Will you tell them what we were talking about?”
“Yes, there’s no problem.Well, I was supposed to get on a tour through the clinic,What will you guys do? For the Director, there’s a need for preparedness ”
“Of course I’ll go look.Because it can not be separated from Eldo any further”
“I want to also be allowed to visit.Here’s a place I may receive a favor”
“Let me go see too.It surely has some meaning ”

All of their opinion was the same.Well, I’m not that type of moody guy that will quit after coming all the way up here.
Director nodded once after listening to our words, she showed to follow her and advanced into the hospital’s passageway.
As we proceed through the dim, dark passage, the normal patients gradually disappeared from our sight.And then, from beyond the hospital room’s door moaning voice could be heard.
A shade of anxiety crossed through us.

“we’ll start here”

The director stopped, in front of one hospital room.

“Have a strong heart.Here is your reality ”

When I nodded, director opened the door of the hospital room.For a moment, an acrid sour smell jumped out.
As we frowned from the smell, we enter the hospital room, hell had spread out to several people in the small hospital room.
A male is moaning while bandages are being wound around his whole body on top of the bed.
A woman without both arms, the wounded bandages are dyed red.
Facing up, a child continue to mutter something intently toward the void.
Over there, are the people who have lost something.

“These people ……”
“They’re war victims.Their village got assaulted, they desperately escaped, the fate of the survivors.These are pitiful people that were just living peacefully, everything got taken away all in an instant. ”

And, the nurses who are nursing such them.In their eyes, there were no life.Just like a machine, the nurses did what was asked of them like a doll.
Once I saw it, I remembered the story of Lune-San about her experiences on the battlefield.
Attacked by a feeling of having a twisted stomach, the nausea was welling.I suppress it with a stealthy gulp, desperately trying to breathe.But each time, an irritating odor strikes my throat.
Baptiste and Leon also lost their voices in this situation.The glamorous existence knight, we’ve been taught in class that in the shadow of heroes of wars there are existences like these .However, actually witnessing it, I thought there would be about two people…
Tho only one without any change is Layla.With her inhuman gaze, she was just staring at them straight.

“Let’s get out .It’s not the kind of thing you look at forever”

Prompted by the director, we went back into the hallway.
Now the bad smell of disinfectant is a pleasant one.

“Are you okay? Then the next thing I’m going to show you, might be something even more severe ”

In a really worried voice, the director called out to us.
we, nodded while being aware the our face has become blue.I can’t run away at this point.Because I felt so.

“Please, let me see”
“I have to take a look”
“You’re right.If I don’t see it all, I don’t feel like I can become a pilot ”
“I understand.Let’s go then ”

Again the director proceeds ahead as we follow after her.There is no conversations, suddenly the unpleasant moanings remain in our ears.
While proceeding ahead, I suppressed the feeling of wanting to cover my ears, and eventually we arrived at the end of the passage.

“It’s here.If you’ve your resolution, open the door by yourself.In here, may be your future condition ”

Hearing that, they understood who were the people beyond this door.they are soldiers.Injured in the war, and just now looking at the current state of the patients, these are people that are unlikely to make it—-
I mustn’t see.Although I’ve realized it, I can’t move my arms.
Baptiste and Leon are also the same way.Only in order to not lose, they’re staring at the door as if it was the enemy of their parents.

“I’ll open it”

A voice echoes from the silence.Then, when Layla comes out walking toward the front of the door, she opened the door without hesitation.
The spectacle in there is, simply a hellish world.
On top of the lined up beds, were bloodstained peoples, peoples, peoples.
Those moaning.Those called the name of their parents.People hoping for help.People begging to be killed.
Everyone to the last man were an extremely ill patient.
It’s still better to lose arms.Not having both feet.With no hip.The whole body being sore.One eye is popping out.There were even people who, without even keeping the human form, do not even understand why they’re alive.
At he strong putrid smell and sight, Baptiste and Leon both dumped the contents of their stomach.
I also have my stomach twisting, but somehow is still held up using my resolution.However, I wonder if Layla is okay.We’re still in the hallway.But she, having opened the door directly, she should have seen this spectacle up close.
Once I pointed my line of sight to Layla, there was the usual unchanged appearance of Layla.
At her appearance, I involuntarily felt fear.
Why can she be so nonchalant?
Why is she standing so boldly?
Why hasn’t her breath even been disturbed even once?!

“Lay … La?”
“You three, are you OK? What miserable faces ”

Layla looked back with a sad expression.But that’s it.

“Layla, are you all right?”
“Yeah, Because I have already seen this scene before”
“Are you a victim of war?”

The Director that had been rubbing the back of Baptiste and co, asked Layla.And Layla nodded once at that.

“The village got burned by aluminares, I’ve been chased by soldiers, I just barely fled to another town.Looking for my family over there, I toured several hospitals with such scenes ”
“What about your family?”

To that question, Layla shook her head horizontally.

“They haven’t been found. No matter which clinic, my father and co weren’t there.In the end, they all died, there wasn’t any bones of my family to bury”

I noticed that Layla’s shoulders were trembling.And her fist, the fact that it was clenched strongly enough that her nails were breaking through her skin.

“These people are still happy.Even if they die their bones will remain.They can properly be put to rest under a tomb.They didn’t even allow such a thing for father and the rest.But I just had to live with it.What I hope for is to be harvesting good vegetables, even though we were just laughing! ”

When it came to that time, I feel remorse.I shouldn’t have brought Layla in here.
Here is place that stimulate Layla’s trauma the most.
A place that caused her to clearly remember the painful scenes of the past.
The place that would amplify her hatred.

“Eldo, thank you for bringing me here today.I remembered something I had forgotten while living in the Academy ”
“I hate the empire.So I’ll have my revenge without fail.Obtain power, I’ll kill the guys that stole my family from me ”

Layla begins to slowly walk down the hall.However she emitted such a frightening sense of intimidation that it was as unsteady as a ghost.


Whether it’s in response to my voice or not, Layla stopped and looked back.

“Oh, I forgot to say something. Eldo, I —-

—- I, I hate really hate aluminares ”

This day was probably a turning point.Layla’s piloting, since we came back from the out of the city practices, changed into something so violent that it can’t be compared to the one before.


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