Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 05-04

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“Now, I would like to say the next pair is… However…”

Professor Gasoul, while scratching his head, Points toward the machine Phallas was riding.

“Just as you’ve seen just now, this one can only do basic maneuvers. For that reason, we’ll the number order with the sole remaining machine. It’ll take a little time, but the remaining number of people is also small, I think we’ll manage somehow. The next one is certainly—–”

A certain student’s name as been called, going to board the machine. While I’m following him with my eyes, folding my arms, my finger was tapping.
There, the usual three come around.

“Eldo, calm down”
“I’m calm.”
“You’re eyes are glazed… rather than your usual sleepy look, I feel like it’s more correct to call it lack of sleep”

Layla and Leon, come chide me.
I directly sitting onto the prairie, lowering my line of sight a little and check up on my foot. Over there, even there was my foot unconsciously repeatedly tapping.

“I will later, How long can I wait…”
“I think a little later. Look, one person roughly take 10 to 15 minutes. Except Eldo, there’s 3 people left, even if it’s long it won’t take longer than 1 hour”

Oh, my leg began digging into the ground
The three people, including Baptiste, glanced at each other and breathe a sigh.
Aaah, isn’t there something to distract my mood? Thinking so, just as I’m restlessly surveying my surrounding, a certain person came into view. The appearance of Phallas receiving that he’s determined as no good from the 3rd Professor. In the hands of the Professor are several sheets of paper, while looking at those, talking to him.

“Come to think of it, how was Layla’s grade?  You already heard it, right?”

In order to distract the accumulated pile of feelings, I asked Layla. Until just now, Layla should have been thinking about her practice plan from now on under the data collected from the Professors.

“Overall, I’ve maintained a high level, there’s no special weakness that need to be mentioned. But, if I dare say, I guess It’ll be better to make movement at the moment of avoiding an attack. This was the impression I got from the evaluation. From now on, with the current ridden machine squatting and horizontal movement, I’d like to try to bend the upper body, I’d like to try a little unusual movement. The operating ratio’s data is this, would you take a look? ”

Layla takes out folded papers from her pocket.
Receiving that, I tried to open it.
Three sheets in total. What was written on those is the machine’s data collected earlier. Looks like what the Professor was looking at is this.
The amount of consumption of High Magia Liquid, the gas mileage, the joints ‘s rate of operation and the way of charging the burden. Up to what kind of piloting you did was written in detail.
Looks like the fuel of consumption and gas mileage became a little numerous due to Phallas’s interferences, but the rate of operation of the joints is overall more than eighty percent, it can be seen that you are skillfully using the whole body. As to prove it, contrary to the operating ratio, the burden had been suppressed to below ten percent.
The only thing that is greater than ten percent is the back that took the most Phallas’s magic. Still, whether she warded off the impact by controlling the machine well or not, it does not  even reach 20%.
Certainly, if it’s this, the Professors should nothing to say.

“I laughed unintentionally when you dodged the sword by diving”
“I was pretty desperate over there. If it’s magic there’s for sure a limit to its count, Although I expected that he’d shoot continuously when he could, doesn’t he only have two swords? Things like throwing away your one precious sword, would you normally think about it ? ”
“It’s because it’s not normal so it’s considered as an interference. Depending on the course of events, He might even throw himself upon you”

If it was me, I’d do my best to provoke him and let the other side attack me. On top of that, even then I’d have him crushed.

“I’m really stupid.”
“It’s true”
“It’s quite so”
“That’s right”

While watching the guidance of the Professors who began their lecturing, we similarly nod our heads.

“Then, how was it Baptiste, Leon? From what I’ve seen, there was such excessive movement but…”
“I got told that I put too much burden. Because the burden on the ankle joints crossed over 40 percent . They said that in  battlefield I’d immediately be broken”
“40 percent is indeed too high. Is it an aggressive change of course?”
It’s certainly the case with Baptiste’s personality, I guess minute courses of actions are too difficult for him so there would be many places where he forcibly moves the machine.
The machine is under too much burden because the Auto gyro and the Balance System is moving at a level where it’s at the limit of its potential through pushy instructions.

“It looks like at the forest section, in order to avoid the trees the movements got excessive. in the future, in the center of the forest section, you’ll intensely practice the control of the legs”
“Get used to it using your body or something like that. What about Leon?”
“For me, it was the opposite of Baptiste, I’m too careful with the machine and that didn’t display it’s power. The fuel efficiency was poor, I was told that’s better to step more on it”
“Aah, if you didn’t sufficiently put in power it’ll cause the balance to easily crumble”

If the balance is easily crumbled, using the Gyro and Auto-Balancer, The machine will try to maintain its posture. It will of course result in the consumption of High Magia Liquid so the fuel efficiency deteriorates.
It’s like the difference between a car that runs straight ahead at constant speed from a car that’s repeatedly accelerating and decelerating.
While I am thinking that even the piloting of machine reveals the personality of the pilot, when I wondered about what kind of habit would come out from my piloting, the extra exercises became fun…
Aah, Make me pilot it already!

Waiting for another 30 min. Finally, my turn finally came!

“Good, Well lastly Eldo—– Where did Eldo go?”
“If you’re talking about Eldo, he’s already on top of the machine”

As Layla is saying so she points at the aluminare’s cockpit. I was waiting for the Professor’s instruction at that entrance. It’s because boarding without permission is indeed bad.

“Huuh…. You can embark. Make it maneuverable”
“Roger that!”

Diving in in order to sit, tightening the seat belt.
Confirmation of the behavior of the pedal and the lever, no abnormalities. Closing the hatch, starting the activation.
Confirmation of the generator start-up. Preservation of the output in the first equilibrium range. Confirmation of the monitor’s lighting. No anomalies in various meters. Remaining High Magia Liquid 30 percent. As expected, it’ll turn this way if you use it for one day. Well, I think there’s enough margin to do about one lap course.
Well then –
Steppeing into the output pedal, making the generator output rise.
Confirmation of reaching the second stability range. Aluminare’s mobility  Check. Activation of the microphone and the sound collecting magic. Check. The head’s movable monitor, no abnormalities. no abnormalities of the 140 degrees working range. Displaying the rear sub-camera on one of the hemisphere at the bottom of the monitor.
Out of the 24 sheets of the 4-sided monitor the lowest one shows the aluminare’s back. On that, I could see Layla and co.
Running a test start. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger joints no abnormalities. Legs, operating normally. there’s also no problem with the Balancer.
Equipment check, the magic on the lever’s index finger button is only Shock Burst. One sword on both side of the waist. With the continuous use of the blades checking one part of it. There’s no problem in the test itself.

“How is it? Are you ready”
“Well then, I’m starting the exercises”
“Can I ask a little question before that?”
“If I can be answered it, sure”

I had forgotten to ask about an important matter.

“Are we going to do this course every year right?”
“That’s it”
“If so how long is the best time of the successive generations?”
“…  It’s 5 minutes 21 seconds”
“Okay, give me 1 minute please”
“Once you’ve completed your preparation, call to me. I’ll give the start signal”
“thanks you”

Hmm, 5 minutes 21 seconds, huh? Layla’s time was certainly 5 minutes 40 seconds, Baptiste was 5 minutes 32 seconds, Leon was 6 minutes just. If you think so, if you ran with a common maneuver, It should be physically difficult to cut to 5 minute 20 seconds.
If so, there’s only one thing to do.
I press the top switches and buttons, continuing to change the setting of the machine.
On the remaining three pieces at the bottom, I configure them so that they always display the state of the machine. Various pressures, balance, output, are being displayed. In addition, turning off the magical aiming function. Fixing the sight’s maximum aperture on the monitor 2.C (the center slightly to the left) and 4.C (the center slightly to the right). Making sure that I can decide with which one am I going to aim with a switch. I modify the Balancer’s function, adjusting the pressure suddenly linking to each pedal. The sword on the left hip is always locked in order to prevent its disconnection, only the one on the right hip can be replaced by means of top switch. To increase the processing capability of the Sense Board to the limit, its processing power is being cut as much as possible. There’s also cases where doing it through human strength is the faster way.
Good, the entire system is all green.

“Professor, please”
“I see. Well then, Eldo’s machine—– Start!”

Along with the signal, I depress the pedal with full force.
The machine with a cut Balancer, in accordance with the stepping on, I moved the machine forward with all of my strength.
At the same time, controlling the lever, bringing down the upper body forward. The buttons with the left hand, by adjusting the output with my legs, maintaining the machine’s balance.
The monitor’s 4 sheets are always displaying the status of the machine, while I’m changing the output distribution according to it, it began to run through the prairie.


The sound collecting magic picked up the voice of someone else. Of course, an aluminare with its balancer cut off moves its legs without questions. There, things like the center of gravity and equilibrium .
It, is set one by one using my own hands, drawing out the best performance.
Switching back and forth between the foot pedal and the generator pedal without hurrying, my left hand always held up to the buttons at the top.
In a little while, the first target’s landmark came into view.
On my left side. Originally , by using the lock-on feature, once the alignment is on target you shoot the magic, but my machine with its lok-on mechanism cut off is already aiming at it, cutting that time.
while the lock-on cursor in the assigned monitor is white, it’s being settled into one place until its size is minimal. At the point in time where the target came in, I pressed the firing button.
*Zudon~* As the shock is applied to the machine, it looks like the balance will crumble for a moment. Operating it even more firmly, running through the prairie to stabilize the machine.
By the time my machine passes by the target, target is shattered into tatters and fell down due to the shock wave.
Up to now, 20 seconds. I’m moving more than 22 seconds faster than Baptiste’s fastest time.

As expected, by way of controlling the machine myself, the machine moves the way I want it to. It’s not always a good thing to automatize everything and anything!
By the time that all the targets in the prairie are destroyed, just 2 minutes. Folded while running in the woods, but in the destruction sword.
Removing the lock on the right hip, taking a sword. In no minute, if just by releasing the lock you can grasp the aluminare’s sword, it is not necessary to purposely twist your waist in order to draw a sword on the opposite side.
Everyone are way too obsessed with the concept of a knight’s appearance.
twisting the maachine’s wrist, cutting the first target in the forest section with minimal movement.
The next target’s on the shortest path. As I once again lock the sword I just unsheathed, I approaches the target.
Getting off the branches[TN: I wonder if the author made a typo here ’cause there no way an aluminare can come down from tree branches], avoiding trees, When it stepped onto roots I’m paying attention to the balance while running through the forest, the 2nd target came into my view.
Immediately extending the right hand of the machine to the front, grab the target. The machine passes right beside the target, losing to that momentum, the framework upon which the target is standing on, has been broken.
After I passed by it, the target is gone, this target is within my hand.
It doesn’t mean that I tore them off without any plan. This target’ll become necessary after this.
The place of the target after this one will be a little bit distant from the shortest path. I absolutely cannot take a detour in order to destroy this. With this path the best way to reduce time is right here.
I dare take the shortest route. If I advances as it is, I’ll start to go away from the target in 2 seconds therefore I tore off that target for the target ahead.
Raising the output only for a moment, applying pressure on the foot.
The aluminare took off powerfully, jumping up highly, revealing its whole body from the forest. I’m sure that those guys watching in the prairie would have been surprised. After all, because a machine suddenly jumped up from the forest.
However I’m experiencing this once. When I fought for the first time, I rose up to the sky in order to get out of the valley.
Because even that machine is endowed with just enough output to jump higher , I shouldn’t have this machine after several decades.
At the place where it was jumping up highly, I’m checking the position of the target while controlling the machine. Then, displaying my talent, I threw the target I held in the machine’s hand.
As the broken pipe became like a sharp sword, breaking the next target.
This is also because I’m destroying the targets of the forest section without using any magic, it’s within the rules. If it’s not, I’ll throw a tantrum.
No I shouldn’t. I have to prepare for the landing.
While increasing the output, I’m bracing for the impact.
*Zudon~* Together with the machine landing, the monitor is displaying that a strong burden is on the machine’s joints.
I disperse the burden on the machine using the whole body.
If I’m landing with only 2 feet, the machine’s joints will scream, however after the feet connected I also put the hands on the ground pushing the burden down.
Thanks to that, without its joints screaming, it was firmly operating within the expected burden.
And restarting. In order to imitate Layla, I multiply the acceleration by crouching.
The remaining 2 targets of the forest section are on the shortest path. Those also are diligently destroyed, I came out of the forest section.
The time at the time I came out is 4 minutes 5 seconds. The speed ​​record’s definite.
While smiling and grinning, I accelerate towards the goal.
And the last targets were visible.
With the sword remaining drawn, destroying targets by passing them by. I dive toward the goal without slowing down at all.
However I shouldn’t lose focus here. I’m doing various functions in manual control. Naturally, even when I’m stopping, I have to manage the output by myself.
While dropping the output, I’m gradually raising the foot pedal.
Returning the sword to the locked state to race walking straightening the upper body. Allowing it to directly switch into walking, awaiting for the Professors, I walked as far as the nearby school building.
I put the Balancer function on in the mean time, also restoring the other functions. When I leave it like this, it isn’t likely to be difficult even if the next ride on is the Professor.
However, although manual control is fun, as expected it’s really tiring.
While the machine is stopped, I wipe the sweat on my forehead and remove the seat belt, I open the hatch.
The outside cold air is pleasant to my body that felt hot.
Well, I wonder how my time was? Although I think that I put out the fastest time without a doubt.
I got off the machine with its generator cut, I was returning down to the students and Professors that were stunned and blankly left their mouth open.

The moment I got onto the prairie, I was swiftly surrounded by the three people including Layla.

“Hey! What does that mean!”
“Those movements are probably strange! How can you move at such a speed?!”
“The speed too, but the magic firing position should have been too soon. How did you do that?”
“Ooh, calm down, Because I’ll explain”

While soothing the three people coming over, for the time being we head down to the Professor.
Professor Gasoul , as we got closer finally comes to his sense, he greeted me.

“For now, you did something incredible. It’s the fist time we update the speed record in 7 years”
“Thank you. How fast was it?”
“It’s 4 minutes 37 seconds. Is there someone that can surpass this?”
“I think that a capable person can”

After all, even though it’s manual control, what you’re doing is no different from driving an MT car. Well, but while changing gear, you have to do it without a windshield and lamp. The people that can do that should be able to. Even I could do it.
If I tell the way I performed the piloting, Professor Gasoul would be groaning while thinking of something. I wonder if he’s thinking about what he’s going to add on the training’s plan from here on out. Anyway since I’d like to find out what I can do by myself so it’s fine.

“I understood the use of speed. well done. After collecting the data we’ll hand it to so wait a little bit”
“It’s understood”

Professor gasoul approaches the machine I rode. Over there’s already, other Professors who have been working on the extraction of data.
I face the 3 people while I follow it with my eyes.

“That’s about it”
“To even cut the Balancer…”
“I wonder if I can pilot it up to that point, ain’t I a fool!?”
“Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m able to do it but…”

The general reaction was similar to this.

“Well, I also had a period where I frequently trained. From now on, we’ll be having many periods of free exercises, If you have 1 year you’ll be able to use it. But this, is quite tiring”

Taking out a water bottle from the luggage and quickly drink it up. Because of the mental strain, my throat was also dry.

“If so, I’m going to practice. I’m reluctant to leaving it to a defeat”
“Oh, Even I’m gonna do it! Kinda looks difficult though, I wonder if I can do that will become stronger?”
“If you can do those movements, your chance of survival in the battlefield will dramatically increase. Leaving aside using it at the exam, it doesn’t hurt in practicing it, huh?”

It looks like everyone is going to practice the manual control. If that’s the case, the test at the end of the three years is likely going to be more and more difficult. Wait , those that can’t do this, will definitely be dropped.
I also ended up creating the technique at fault.
Breathing a sigh, at the time I was wiping my sweat, the Professors called me.

“Well then, I’ll see you a little later”
“What will he be told? I’m a little looking forward to it”
“It’ll surely end up with a single word “Wonderful””
“Do say”

While cracking jokes, I headed down to the Professors.

The mood over there is somehow heavy. However, rather than calling it a funeral, but the weight of the mood is such as when a subordinate failed an important work.
Well, either way, only being comfortable is bad.

“Is something wrong?”

I timidly try to enquire.

“Oh, we’re extracting Eldo’s data, but somehow the numbers are strange”
“Strange? In what way?”
“Only the right hand’s numbers is less strange. It’s probable that I couldn’t record it. An accurate judgement can’t be made with this. I’m sorry but can you do another round, you may come to do another round at another time”

Indeed, because my left hand was continuously operating the top buttons and switches, meaning there was mostly no time to grasp the joystick.
At best, I grasped the joystick in order to endure the shock at the time of landing. After that, I was mostly moving the right hand and my legs.
The Professors, at my explanation look at me with surprise.
“Why this method of piloting?”
“It’s in order to greatly minimize the burden on the Sense Board all I could control on my own I did. I also cancelled the Lock function, The screens had to be fixed in a way that best matched the situation, Just as I told you earlier, the Balancer has also been cancelled. By cancelling the Balancer, the machine’s speed comes out. As expected when you remove the gyroscope you’ll have to maintain the equilibrium, on top of all that, besides as for the generator, the pressure adjustment since I had to do all of those. Thanks to those I didn’t have any time to grasp the joystick”
“Hmm, hearing your story, it looks like the data is correct”
As Professor Gasoul is muttering, the other Professors raised voices in objection.

“That’s preposterous, Can you guys even do that kind of piloting?”
“That’s right, I rode a machine with a broken Balancer before, it wasn’t at the level of a restive horse. Since the whole body is flying about like spring, stopping was also a pain. To easily do those kind of…”
“However, the data is consistent with the explanation. Should the piloting record also be similar?”

When Professor Gasoul who was the only one that didn’t say a word, inquired the Sense Board department’s Professor, that Professor nodded his head slowly.

“Even in the collecting device, the was no abnormalities in the Sense Board. His words have been proved by this machine”
“Or, there’s a mistake on our side?”

Along with those words, a sharp gaze flew towards the Professors. Unlike the pilot department Professors, the professor of the Sense Board department is fairly slim, reminiscent of a Doctor wearing a white coat if anything. However, from his narrow eyes a glint is emitted, not being outdone by the other Professors.

“Leave it at that. Professor Karon was also rude.”
“No, because it’s a fact that there’s doubt over the data”
“Leaving this data aside, I’d like to consider the future practice’s menu, but is there any comment?”

As Professor Gasoul inquire about the opinions of the other Professors, well nothing comes back.
After all, with a piloting that’s never been done before, because I put out the best results , there’s no way to give advice.

“Hmm, then can I say one thing?”

Raising his hand while saying so, it’s Professor Karon of the Sense Board department.

“Considering over the fall of the processing capacity of the Sense Board, it seems that Eldo-kun has switched to manual a lot of actions, right?”
“Yes, I thought that if the burden became large its movement will get worse and I thought the same of the Sense board”

No matter how good the OS is, a variety of operating data is accumulated, if it increased up to the maximum permissible level, its movements becomes heavier and slow. I thought that the same principle applied.

“Certainly, that opinion is correct. The Sense Board is inscribed with a large number of characters within a limited range, If we can pilot the same way as Eldo-kun we could fill in many more magic and operating processes. Yet, it’ll be as easy as writing into the gap convenient magic such as the sword lock, the cockpit air-conditioning system, light etc… Even if we shave it off, its effect won’t appears. Later, given that a percentage of the Sense Board’s written content is transferred into a book, using it as a reference, where do we cut off? where do we leave it behind? we can even try and consider it. As for cooling systems and the like, it’s part of a system that manages the physical condition of the pilot. If you are able to operate it to that extent, the cockpit environment should a little bit better”
“thanks you”
“Hmm, Well then, Eldo, from now on using this book, you’ll review[TN: the word here can also mean ] the piloting that matches you, alright?”

Seeing me nod my head, Professor Gasoul sends his voice to the other students.

“with this, the combat practice ends. This all for today’s lesson, hereafter, each one of you can do whatever you like”
“”Thank you very much!””

Thus my first combat practice came to an end.

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