Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 05-03

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Nine months elapses since I became a 2nd-year student.
The flow of the day is quite a fast one, while I’m living looking forward to the once in two weeks

real machines exercises, just like that clouds are lowering, the air became cold.

“Phew, as expected it’s cold”

While I’m rubbing my arms, Layla looks up at the cloudy darkened sky next to me.

“The snow my fall down soon. But if that’s the case the exercises looks like they’ll be interesting


Exercises of a walk on snowy field, combat exercises also looks interesting. Different from usual

footing sensation, causing the performance of the machine to greatly change.
Come to think of it, I wonder if there’s also a machine that’s customized for snow fields. So far,

I have been living in this town, I haven’t ever seen that special custom machine.
Because such magic car type tire has already been developed, I think it would be good if there’s a

machine with about one and two wheels on its feet. Better yet, don’t you say that there’s some

romance even in something like multi-legged type or reverse joint? Next time let’s propose them to

the Professor.

“You, can’t you spare a little more thought for others? Concerning the new year festival, this one might turn into the white new year festival?”

We heard a disgusted voice just behind us. Looking over my shoulder, Baptiste and Leon come over walking.

“The white new year festival? What the heck is that?”

Last year,I saw the usual new year festival, but I’ve never heard of that white new year festival. The atmosphere, I feel like it’s ambiance is something similar to the white Christmas.

“When on new year’s eve the city becomes white from snow, that year is the one year one can spend it in happiness, it’s an omen from the old days. I hope it’s meaning has come to change a lot in the present time”
“Oh yeah, when lovers enter the new year during a white new year festival, those two will become happy. That’s why, this year guys from anywhere are becoming desperate to form couples”
“Oh, that’s why there’s been many spectators these days”

I point my sight to the school building. As for the school building’s windows, a lot of students were looking this way. As they’re wearing a head dress. I guess they’re probably students from the support maid department.
Pilots are the star of aluminare squads. On top of that there’s a lot of nobles among them, if everything goes well they’ll marry into money(or status), their popularity among female students is high.
Baptiste and Leon have received a confession from someone almost every day.

“I’d like for you to think about our trouble too. In the first place we don’t have the privilege of freely choosing our lovers”

Leon while correcting the position of his glasses with a worn out look, breathe a sigh.
For these two, they seem to come from a house of pretty high status even among nobles, in regard to marriage there’s no place for feelings or affections. It’s the so-called political marriage.
This sign is particularly strong for the ones that won’t inherit the house such as the second son and the third son. I guess it’s natural because it’s a chance to strengthen the relationship with another family.
However, if there is something that can help them, that would be the fact that they can choose someone from among the many houses.
I’m so glad I’m not a girl that could be made into the bride of some strange old man.

“Well, you can at least go out with someone, right? Playing with fire is also one of the nobles’s interests, isn’t it? Anyway you can have a concubine, So there’s no problem if you choose from now on”
“So a few days ago any fool could become that’s likely to be stabbed”
“That was surprising. No way did I think that I would experience a secne of carnage[TN: She’s referring to the incident] this year”

Once they heard the detailed account from me, Baptiste was laughing but Leon relatively looked like the carnage that happened was no joke.
Baptiste… in spite of his heroic appearance, his personality is quite light.

“If only you could get stabbed, it would be great…”
“Layla, Do not mindlessly say such scary stuff. Well, Baptiste too, moderate a bit”
“I know when to shut up so it’s okay. That being the case, the main topic is the white New Year Festival. Eldo do you have someone?”
“Do you mean a lover?”
“Yeah that’s right. I know about it, That even Eldo’s been pretty much asked out”

Indeed, I too as a member of the pilot department ranking’s top, I’m unexpectedly popular with the female students. According to some kid, it’s precisely because I’m a commoner. Such as the difference of sense compared to a noble, making insecure girls to drift this way. Well, It’s because that segment that aggressively pursue nobles are few and the comparatively weak pressure girls are many and it’s assuredly easier to handle.

“Eh, Eldo’s also pretty popular”
“What are you saying. This guy, leaving out the present bunch of nobles, he’s 2nd place in the Ranking of the pilot department’s students they would like to turn into their lover? By the way, 1st place is me”
“Hey, What the heck is that? I’ve never heard such a ranking”
“2nd place…”

Layla is grumbling and muttering as she puts her hand on her chin.
By the way, beside Leon I’m in 2nd place? How come…
As I’m thinking , Leon takes out a thin booklet from his pants pocket, flipping the book pages.

“According to this questionnaire, those sleepy eyes are good. He seems kind and he looks like he’d bring luggage and other such things for me. It seems like he’d forgive you with a smile even if you were a little late. He’s likely to help with housework. He seems to take the initiative in taking care of the children. Etc…”
“Isn’t he completely reduced to a man of convenience! Lend it to me for a bit!”
“Well, it’s about my intense type of pulling and the two main tall towers”

To check its content, I snatch the booklet from the hands of Baptiste. Certainly things like such were written in a row.Inside, there are extreme things in it, there’s even suspicious answers making me question if they really love me or not such as I seems like I’d even forgive an affair and I seems like I’d let myself become their wallet and the like.
By the way, why am I in the 2nd place? As for the two main tall tower, I guess it would be good they’re the hot-blooded Baptiste and the cool Leon.
As I thought so, I look for the page of Leon.
Leon was in the four rankings you want to lover.

“Leon is 4th place?”
“I heard that it’s also important to refuse categorically”

Although Leon is saying such a thing with a straight face, as long as you see the written questionnaire’s result, isn’t that somewhat meaningless?
– I want him to verbally abuse me with that straight face.
– I want him to step on me while he pour abuses on me. If you’re so inclined it’s even great///
· I want to be Leon’s pet. I want him to put a collar on my neck and pull it.
And so on, things were written in a extreme ways, unlike me and Baptiste.
It’s to the degree of being a den of M.
Do not think just because it’s an anonymous questionnaire no matter what you write it’ll be tolerated! ?

“So, it’s surprising for the 3rd place.”
“~n? Oh, well Speaking of surprising it’s indeed surprising”

Certainly, speaking of surprising, on the 3rd place there’s a surprising person. But, as for me for some reasons or another only this was expected, I’m not that much surprised.
I point my line of sight to Layla while she’s still grumbling and thinking even now. Then, Layla noticed my line of sight and looked this way.

“W… What?”
“Great, huh? Being on the 3rd place of the ranking of people you want to turn your lover. You won against Leon”
“What’s that!?”

This time, Layla snatches the booklet from my hands.
– That sharp gaze is lovely. I want to be stared at.
– The Layla that continues to maintain the top grades among many men is lovely.
– I don’t want children. As long as I have love.
It’s such thing. Well, If you act like a knight[TN: It might mean to act manly] regularly it’ll turn this way. But only I know! The softness of Layla’s buttocks!

“So, in what way is it practical. Does that disgusting kid exist?”
“He does not. First of all, even during the New Year festival I have fencing training.”

Although I continue to train with Lune-san for more than 1 year, it’s done 365 days without rest. If I neglect it for even 1 day, and I’ll take me 3 days to regain it back.

“So the New Year’s Eve is with that person. Be happy”
“Is there such a meaning? I hope you’d end up deciding at around sunset. After that, well I guess I’ll do some light studying and sleep. I have training the next day too”
“What a college life without flower, right!?”

hey stop. Most of the students live while letting the flower dry!

“By the way, what about your home?”
“I invited about four acquaintances, the New Year festival will be in my room. This year’s night will be noisy”
“Even listening to the breakdown?”
“I decided on 1 man 4 women. At first I also invited Leon, but I got bluntly refused”
“Of course. Why must I participate in such a racket. The household has already determined that I’ll spend the New Year festival with my family.”

Yeah, I guess that is the correct way to spend the New Year’s eve. By the way, Baptiste will really be stabbed someday.
When waiting for the start of classes while noisily causing a commotion, the Professor came along.
The machines already on standby, the exercise with real machine can start at any time. Anyway I’ll be the last one to be put on a turn.
While being slightly lazy, I listen to the professor’s explanations.

“Well then, today will be the culmination of all we’ve done so far. I’ll have you do some combat practice”

Yes, I shook off the tension! Finally it came the combat practices.
Beginning in the walk training, sword training, magic firing training, High Mobility training, the fall training, the storage training and a variety of training which we received for 1 year. It looks like the time to show its culmination has come.
This, at the same time, shows that the test is close.
In the test at the end of the first year, I narrowly lost to Layla, but this time maneuvering test is also added. In other words, this is the first opportunity to catch up with All Perfect.
I turn my gaze to Layla. Layla also turned my way. It mean that we’re thinking about the same thing.

“Layla, this time I’ll gain the victory”
“I’ll crush you in the same way as last year.”

Well for starters, I’ll let take the perfect score in this exercise.
refocusing my mind by lightly tapping my cheeks, I listen to the Professor’s explanations while concentrating.

“The combat practice is, targets have been installed in both prairie and the forest, I’ll have you destroy them by using the sword and magic while passing through a prescribed route. Then, recover the data from the analysis device placed on the machine you’ve ridden, examining the machine’s maximum capacity utilization and operational efficiency, it will determine the future direction of each one’s training. Therefore, this time a Professor from the sense board department is coming. Each one act without discourtesy”
“”Yes! “”

Hmm, in other words, mounting something similar to an airplane’s black box to the machine and recover the data? It’s a valuable opportunity to be able to find out how the aluminare experiences your operation.
If there’s many unreasonable operations, the machine’s burden would be large, the operating with too wide a margin will be judged to not fully displaying its potential.
While displaying the machine’s maximum capacity, move it without making unreasonable moves. The highest piloting skill is required. I’m itching to put my skill to use.
Then, having received explanations concerning the recorder from the sense board department’s Professor, receiving explanations about the course and the set up magic, preparing the sortie arrangements.

“Well, the general explanation is finished. If there’s something you don’t understand say it now. If it’s now I can answer a question——–. If there’s particularly none, let’s go into the real machine exercise. The called person will embark and await orders in startup condition. Wel and Lesta ”
“Yes!” “Roger!”

The called two people jumped into the machines, the students that were not called were disappointed and dropping their shoulders, retreating to the school building.
Of course although I expected it I was disappointed and dropped my shoulders.
Oh, from here on out the time just gazing will go on…

The exercise proceeds, the remaining number became small. Baptiste and Leon have already finished the exercises, discussing their impressions. I’m feeling envious to the limit. I also want to join in quickly.

“Then next, Layla and Phallas”

The moment when the names are called, the students atmosphere froze.
It’s because, including the Professor, all members here know that their relationship is bad. Of course, it’s also about that incident.
Since then, these two never did exercices together. Of course, in number order they shouldn’t even line up. So, I thought the Professors are taking that into consideration, but was it my misunderstanding?
The name called together with and at the same time with Phallas, even while her body is stiff for a moment, taking one deep breath and heads toward the machine.
Phallas is conversely giving the feeling of hate. I wonder if there is also such a large grudge against Layla? But Layla met Phallas, it’s because when she came to the Academy, she didn’t particularly talk to him.
Both boarded the machines, starting up.
The two machines started walking slowly, each one went to their starting position.
In order to observe the 2 machines well, I went to a place where the Professor is, a zone where it’s easier to see the ground.
Noticing me as I approached , without minding it, gives out instruction to both of them.

“Well then, beginning the combat exercises. Ready—–… Go!”

Along with the start signal, the two aluminares vigorously started to run on the prairie.
Layla’s machine starts off with a good start. Proceeding onto the prairie with a little bit more lead than Phallas’s machine.
After some time, the first destruction target comes into view.
Fastened onto the iron pipe, round targets. These have been placed in the prairie and forest, but the main subject of the exercise is going to destroy them with the indicated method of attack.
The first magic is to generate a shock wave, it’s a destruction by means of Shock Burst.
If they stopped, they could easily hit their target, but while running the degree of difficulty is different.
Looking at Layla’s machine and wondering about how she would do it, she put up the left hand towards a target destined for her machine on the left side of Layla’s machine. It looks like she going to shoot without stopping.
“Zudon~~~” A firmly squeezed Shock Burst is emitted from Layla’s machine, a heavy sound reverberates. The shock waves destroyed the carefully aimed target. Immediately after, the same sound emitted at the Layla’s machine’s right-hand side in the back.


But of course Phallas’s machine shot it. But still, with the distance of Phallas’s machine, it shouldn’t be within the range of effectiveness of the Shock Burst.
However, contrary to my expectations, the magic of Phallas’s machine precisely destroyed his own target. But, only that wasn’t surprising.
Immediately after Phallas’s machine fired his magic, the Layla’s machine that was supposed to be on the left front was thrown off balance.

“He, No way!”
“I guess it’s the extension of power due to the excessive supply of High Magia Liquid. Without even carefully aiming, he fired with a scope of 180 degree”
“Isn’t that a clear interference ?!”

Although I raised my voice, Professor Gasoul has been observing the movements of the two machines in a calm manner.

“However the target has certainly been destroyed. He didn’t apply any direct interference aiming at the opponent’s machine. It may be tough for Layla, but this trial should be just right”
“We are expecting a lot from Layla. That’s why, no matter how small her weak point is, we want to smash it as much as we can”
“Is that the reason why you sent those two this time?”
“That’s right”

The fear of machines, has been completely removed with my drastic measure. However, toward Phallas who started the incident, Layla certainly was aware that he’ll be hard to deal with. She did as much as she could to not make any eye contact with him, they were separated to the point one could say that even her classroom seat was diagonally aligned.
It seems the Professor also noticed it.

“Overcoming a fear regarding a person. Although it’s not easy, if she can do that, the possibility that she can win over fear even on the battlefield will be dramatically improved. That will lead to the improvement of her survival rate as it is.”
“Certainly it may be as the Professor says, but isn’t that a bit too sudden? At that time with the aluminare, It was necessary to use the drastic measure because there was no time, if it’s overcoming Phallas she should still have more than 1 year”
“No, Phallas will probably be cut off in this test”
“Heh? But that guy looks like only his grades were good”

As far as I remember, I feel that Phallas’s grades was at the 6th place following our top group. If so, he should perfectly be able to remain up to the 3rd year but…

“You can’t determine a pilot only through his grades. Throughout these 2 years time, we also easily examined your life attitude and so on. If it’s the living part then there’s normally no problem, however he has too many questionable conducts. Besides interfering a student of the same department,regarding the students of other departments he has an attitude of looking down on them, I hear he has many troubles in the dormitory. We can’t afford to raise that kind of a person for 3 years”
“Therefore the drastic measure?”
“You can say so. Don’t tell anyone about this conversation, if it’s known by the students the consequences will be serious”
“Although I’m also a student…”

Despite making a wry smile, I’m following Layla’s machine with my eyes while encouraging her in my heart.
Even while I was talking, Layla’s machine has been receiving interferences countless times  from the Shock Burst of Phallas’s machine, and yet destroying targets accurately, rushing into the forest section without giving up the lead once.
In the forest section, it has been indicated that the main method of target destruction is by the sword. As for the Shock Burst, because of the trees it cant put out the desired power.
While Layla’s machine is skillfully proceeding in the trees[TN: she hasn’t entered the forest yet just the fringe], it’s destroying targets with a sword. And it suddenly jumped into the forest in a way similar to a head-first slide.
Immediately after, at the place where Layla’s machine was, a sword flies there.
The sword disappeared into the forest as it cut through the air.
And, a frivolous voice is heard through the microphone.

“Sorry sorry. My grip was too soft”

The owner of that sword, Phallas’s machine had stopped its movement remaining in a pose that brandished a sword. Of course there is no sword in that hand. I guess he’ll want to say that at the time of raising the sword, it slipped out of his hand.

“Don’t worry about it. I expected it”
“Chi, Shut up b***h”
“Oh, a compliment”

Layla’s machine takes off again by using the crouching start.
Phallas’s machine crushed the target in front of it with the reserve sword it had, once again it followed Layla’s machine.

“Isn’t that also an interference?”
“It just slipped, right? Well, however, I think that if he has a skill that can cause it to fly just that skillfully, it’d be even better if he smooths out his skill then he’ll be on the same level as you guys”
“Character is important, right?”

Really, I really thought so. However, the fact that Layla also expected that attack, means that she was properly watching the movements of Phallas’s machine. Layla is likely worried.
Rather worry, in this state…

“Today’s exercise, is likely to be expensive”
“According to the cost, the bill will go to his home”
“Oh, those kind of agreements actually do exist”
“Well, Kind of…”

What we are worried about, is the High Magia Liquid of Phallas’s machine. In order to forcibly increase the power of magic, consuming large quantities of High Magia Liquid, in order to catch up to Layla’s machine, it should put quite a burden onto the machine.
Doing those sort of movements, the consumption would have been pretty intense. It give me the chill just thinking about it.
While I’m thinking of such a things, the exercises is coming to it’s end.
The 2 machines jump out from the forest, aiming and thrusting into the last target. If you’re the last one to cross the goal line after you’ve destroyed them, whether you’re good in magic or sword, it’s over.
Layla is preparing to use the sword in her hand in a way to him off if they pass each other. And as expected, Phallas machine selected the Shock Burst.
Whether it appear to be unable to be unable to interfere or not, it’s clearly aiming at Layla’s machine. If that is fired, he’ll immediately be disqualified.
However, that magic hasn’t been fired.

“The High Magia Liquid has expired, huh?”
“It’s because the Sense Board is forcibly maintaining the flow toward basic maneuvers”

Even if it can possible to run, it can’t fire magic.
In the meantime Layla’s machine is destroying the targets while passing through and cutting them in two. Then, she crossed the goal line as it was.

We greet Layla as she came down the machine.

“Good job. It was difficult for you”
“it was just troublesome. Although I was surprised at first, I was with this machine. It’s really reliable”
“That’s great”
“Come to think of it, what about that guy? I was thinking of giving him one final punch but…?”

As she says so, Layla is restlessly looking over her surrounding. However, the machine that Phallas was riding is not there. Well it’s natural.

“Over there”

I point to the direction in which the machine came over running, behind Layla. Over there was Phallas’s machine sluggishly walking, aiming for the goal.

“Pff, What’s that over there?”
“It’s out of fuel. That’s of course if you shoot out magic like an idiot”
“OH DEAR, poor him. Everyone from the school building are looking”

I wonder if it’s between classes, a lot of women wearing maid clothes are lined up along the school buildings windows. Walking slowly within that kind of situation would certainly be a torture.

“Next,will be Eldo’s turn. Since I’ll be properly watching”
“Ooh, don’t fall from being surprised”
“Yeah yeah, Do your best”

exchanging high five, Layla receives the recorded data and heads down to the Professor.
I followed that with my eyes and looking up at the kneeling machine, I close into a fist the hand I used in the high five.


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