Magic Robot Aluminare Ch 05-03

[TN: Sorry for the lateness, I had an inescapable Christmas party.

Here’s last week chapter and this week chapter ahead of time because I’ll have new year’s eve parties going on.

PS: Merry Christmas to you all and have a happy new year 2016]


Nine months elapses since I became a 2nd-year student.
The flow of the day is quite a fast one, while I’m living looking forward to the once in two weeks

real machines exercises, just like that clouds are lowering, the air became cold.

“Phew, as expected it’s cold”

While I’m rubbing my arms, Layla looks up at the cloudy darkened sky next to me.

“The snow might fall down soon. But if that’s the case  looks like the exercises will be interesting ones”

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